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Goofie: Raining Cats&Dogs huh???....yeah right!....I don't see them

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I tried to convince him this is not the weather you'd want to be in,,,but did he believe me? of course not!:))


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Oh my goodness.....glad to hear he's ok. I'll have a look at your puzzles, thanks:)


He's ok. Thanks for asking. Seems alot of people were asking today so I finally got off my lazy a*s and posted a few new puzzles. Someone actually sent their condolences cause they thought he had passed away!?


:)) ....Thanks roseheather:))

Hi is Mr.Clyde these days? Is he completely recovered from his scary adventure?


Oops it was Dec. 2 2012.


Yes its that time of year. Mr.Clyde loves to watch then attack when the leaves blow. I posted picture Dec. 12 2012 of his big haul last year. When he catches one he looks so proud of himself...


Aw, that little paw on the window. ; ) Love this goofus kitty!


Thanks flkatz ....I can picture yours looking at falling leaves... Goofie thinks that's fun too, when he sits on the sill and a leaf is blown up he follows it and when it's out of sight he turns his head into the room to see where it's gone:))

Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo... he did get his "free bath" for a few minutes, he never takes my word for it, he had to make sure whether it's wet or not:)))


Poor Goofie, locked in the house because of the rain, how do I get through this force field. Mr. Quinn said oh a free bath if only I could get out.


The perfect title for this puzzle Impie....mine would be looking out too for cats and dogs...BTW, they're so busy now looking out at the falling leaves, tails a-wagging! lol.... :))))


Oh my- these comments are so funny...thank you :)))


Who me? :))


Goofie, you don't see all the poodles???

Kitties just want to be on the other side of the door from whichever side they happen to be at the time. Suspect it's some kind of test to see how well they have us trained...


Thanks Impie and Goofie.....your puzzles are a bright spot in every day!