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Party Food Veggie Garden Dip

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Line a flower pot with plastic wrap and fill it with your favorite veggie dip. Cover dip with bread crumbs to create the soil. Finally add your favorite garden veggies. This would be perfect for a garden club meeting or garden tea party. Veggie Grins! ☺☼☺
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Healthy indeed Erika. It was fun posting a good for you food picture. Glad you got a laugh out of this idea SunnyBarb. A great day to all who have stopped by. Veggie Grins! ☺☼☺


Yummy in the tummy....good and healthy....and guilt free eating...Thanks so much Iris hugsxxx Erikaxx




It pays to read, duh. lol


I would love to see them Donna. I have a cousin who has made pots all her life. I find them very cool.
Oh Iris, I didn't know there was a plastic liner. Such a cute idea!


I think the clay pot would be safe to eat from because it is lined with the plastic. Only thing touching the pot would be the edges of the veggies. oldandancient is right any pretty container would do. Even coffee mugs would work for individual veggie dip gardens. Pottery bowls would be beautiful done this way too. Veggie Grins! ☺☼☺


I'll try and take some pics of her pots one day. Most of them are packed away in totes in the garage right now. We do have some sitting out and I have a couple of yarn pots in my tote of yarn. Just have to dig them out and take some pictures.


Thanks Donna!
Have you ever made pictures of her pots into puzzles?


You could probably use any bowl that is good for the microwave, dishwasher or oven. My daughter's pottery bowls are like that. Some would make good flower pots as well. And it would still look like a garden pot. This is so cool.


This is clever. Thanks Iris!
I wonder if the clay pot is okay to eat out of or if you have to bake it first?

@jude$now, I agree with Iris. I think they would find it very clever.


I bet they would love it jude4now. Veggie Grins! ☼☺☼


Wow, cute idea! I bet my Book Club would get a kick out of this


The royalty sure is known for the garden parties surfer but we can have less fancy ones! Veggie Grins! ☺☼☺


Cool iris, thought only British royalty had garden parties, ha ha!


Glad you like this party food idea pasta. I like the way it could all be done with store bought stuff and one would not have to take the time for home made dips. I am having a nice day. Picked a ripe tomato from my garden. Veggie Grins! ☺☼☺


Iris, what a great idea. Not only is it pretty & yummy. It would be a great conversation starter. Thanks Hope you are having a great day!☺♥♥

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