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#4 - How To Pick Up Broken Glass

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"The New York Public Library has an incredible digital collection of antique materials and prints, featuring artifacts like photographs, manuscripts, and maps. . . . One of its most amazing archives — a list of ingenious life hacks that have survived from the 1900s, once supplied in cigarette packs!"

There are sixteen of them, and I'll give you all sixteen, four at a time.

#4 - “To pick up broken glass quickly and cleanly, a soft damp cloth will be found to be most effective, for it takes up all the small splinters.

“The best plan is to use an old piece of rag that can be thrown away with the glass.”
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You're welcome, arizona. I'm pleased you've enjoyed it, and thank YOU very much for stopping to say so. :-)

What a gorgeous series of cigarette card puzzles. Thank you patw.


I like my way! It doesn't waste good food or useful polishing cloths, so there. :‑Þ


Yes, you use the dustpan and brush for the big pieces, Andy. And one of these two tips to get the little slivers the brush can't. All of it is wrapped in newspaper, or a paper bag folded over on itself several times after dumping the glass and rag/bread in, and then tape the paper closed - at least that's what I do.

Thanks, guys, for commenting!


And all these years I've used that ol' dustpan and whisk broom. Now, where do you dispose of the glass shards is the question? You don't want those sharp points and edges poking through the bag now, eh?


Both are good tips!


I think yours might be an even better idea, Lynn. If you don't get all of the glass in the first couple swipes, throw out the bread and get another piece.

Thank you for posting these "life hacks". They are quite interesting. I just used bread to pick up smaller pieces of glass left on my floor after breaking a glass.

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