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Boring puzzle of the night: Dirty inline filter

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

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If you guess what this is then you don't have to solve it.
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  1. Ribs0:23
  2. Malta0:24
  3. Sparky2b20:34
  4. janaz0:34
  5. musicelephant0:39
  6. Dclo0:40
  7. Ceefercat0:41
  8. fodus0:45
  9. 10saws0:47
  10. virgo62lady0:48


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Thanks Dave, nice chatting with you, too.........Wendy


Yes you got it. My Mom has a little one for around the house also and does her brick deck out back. They are handy to have and so are good neighbors. 645am coming quick, have to go. Nice to chat w/ you unicorn3, Dave


It's a part for a pressure washer? I bought a pressure washer a couple of years ago, the psi is not that high, but it is good enough to wash the sundeck and the cement below. My neighbor has a very strong one, and he is going to do my house for me.


Filter in the tip of the turbo nozzle to my 4000 psi pressure washer. Turbo nozzle is the kind that spins in an extremely fast circular motion. Using it tomo to strip old roof paint off of tin roof before we coat with new. Thanks guys, Dclo


unicorn, used around the house but not part of a house. Lot of people own the device to which this is directly involved


Not sure what this is, but I would love to know as I'm on my own and have already had to fix some things concerning the care, furnace, and pipes! So, where is this in the scheme of things?


shgord, No but it IS "involved somewhat w/ a type of pump". Thanks shgord, Dclo


Is this part of a disassembled gas pump?

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