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Flowers for today :-)

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Thank you Val :-))))


This is a wonderful way to display the flowers thank you Sissel☺♥☺


Thank you Humminbird :-)))


A lovely combination of colors! Just beautiful!


Hugs back dear Janet and thanks so much :-)))

He was Jean :-))))


WOW! Gorgeous thanks Sissel. Hugs dear friend. ♥♥♥


l'll bet that male was pretty busy!


Thanks Jean. I had "small" dears in the garden. Al summer she lived there and she had 2 calves several summers. They came back for some years after the mom had new calves. On the field the "larger" kind of dear was and here the heard was up to 40 females and one male at the mating time in October :-))))


Deer are fun to watch- specially the young foals- but not fun to see what they've left behind after dinner!
What l have found is that their habit changes- they will leave a certain plant alone for years, and then...gone!
l think it is because they are very hungry- It is illegal to hunt them here and the herd has grown too large- not enough coyotes-


Ohh dears Jean. I would just find some flowers they don't like. In my old place there were dears in the garden (7.000 m2) and out on the fields. I loved to watch them :-))) Thanks


That's exactly what my petunias would look like if the deer would not eat them- HA HA!


Thank you Pammi. It is a kind of container with holes in the sides for extra flowers to grow beside the top. Then during summer it will be filled all over :-))))

Still sunshine Jackie but I can feel the difference in temperatures. Now it is under 10C during night - but then the season for picking up walnuts every day. So good during winter :-))))

Thank you PCVS. As I wrote to Pammi it is a container with extra holes in. You can use the idea for growing strawberrys in a small garden :-))))

I am glad you like it Echo. Thank you so much for coming by :-)))))

What a beuatiful way of growing them!

What a lovely plant scene. How did they do that?

Very beautiful, love the colors. Thank you Sissel, have a wonderful day. Hugs !!!


What a beautiful and colourful lot of flowers and so beautifully arranged. ☺♥☺♥


I am glad you got some positive Rebecca. Thank you so much and I hope the day will be good :-)))))


What happy plants! I couldn't help smiling, thanks - really needed a smile today.