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BG Recovering under the heat lamp

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The eye on this side is not visible right now. Hopefully it's still there.
I posted a close up of his wound which I took last night but I marked it may not be appropriate for all users.


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I'm so glad he looks better, Edie. I'm going to check out your Menagerie puzzles now.


Thanks Barb


I'm so happy to hear this, Edie. BG has a lot of people rooting for him. :-)


Thanks Gail, Sharon and Lorna. All of your thoughts and good wishes must be helping. He looks better this morning :-)))


Poor BG, I join everyone else in wishing him well again.


So sad. My whole heart hurts for his pain. I'll practice hope.


Poor little Big Guy. Wishing a speedy recovery, Edie.


I know Ardy and Barb, it's hard to see him like this when just a couple of days ago he was running around happily and always keeping the two little ones close. I even wonder if he sacrificed himself so they could escape. Last year the hawk only attacked once and killed a rooster and then I didn't see him again till now. This could possibly be his fourth attack and right inside what I thought was the safe zone. It's very frustrating. I want to get rid of all the chicks now as quick as possible.


Aaww. I do hope for a speedy recovery.


He made it through the night ... I hope he can make it through tonight as well, Edie. It really is amazing how attached we have all become of your menagerie. I did check out the other pic you posted and I think you were wise marking it not appropriate for all users. Poor BG, I feel so bad for him. I know you're doing all you can. Thanks for posting and keeping us up to date. Thinking of you too, Edie. Take care of yourself too. :-)


BG I'm so sorry. I hope and pray that you will recover. Hang in there little one. Edie, the tears start every time I think of this. I do hope he will recover. He's my favorite of all.