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Cat shaming series

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And they don't understand being reprimanded for bringing you a mouse, bird, etc.


Lol, they try so hard to please us by bringing us their "treasures," although our tastes often differ (greatly)! :)

Yes, Val. Not really nice to shame this cat. :)

True, mycat. :)

Have always liked snakes, dusty, but can understand your feelings. :)


Fortunately, it was definitely dead....but I had to remove it. (shiver of disgust!)


Very cute cat and the drain cover is ok, could have been a lot worst.


Puss really loves its Mom☺☺

Fredde, it's not edible. Dang! :)

Snakes are nice, dusty. Was it still alive? :)


I had no problem with the "gifts" my car would leave me....until the cat brought me snake! Yikes!!!!
It was just a little one, but that made no difference!


Love this pic! What a great cat to share her prize catch of the day.


I had both done several years ago. True to my cruddy luck, I had to have 2 more surgeries done on each eye before the vision was almost right. I swear, I should will my body to science.....NOTHING goes as it's supposed to!

Had cataract surgery on both eyes a year or so ago. Glad I did. The difference in colors is amazing. Kind of you to foster the possums. :)

Isn't it strange what cats bring to ou? Mine brought me a mouse one time, then let it go. Took me an hour to catch it and release in the field down the street.. Brrm s budy errrk. Had eye surgery on Monday and on Wednesday took on two baby possoms to foster unil we can find homes or someplace they will be safe. They sure are cuteand (relatively) easy to take care of. We named them Fran and Ollie. So fub my life. BTW: the surgery went well (cataracts) and in a month will have the other done. Look forward to being able to read all the comments on jigidi. Oh dear, I;m rambling. Love the pic. TFP Midge

Good one YO!

Yes, it was, PD ... so gross, so gross, but not my worst mouse tail(tale)...I'll leave that one for another time...Sherry :((((

Looks like a young one - just learning to leave surprises in beds. :)


I don't think you could be mad looking at that really cute little face.


With PD on this! I saw the picture and wondered what could be so bad that you'd be upset with that face? I didn't think it was a drain cover...


Ick, Sherry!

I'll bet it was! Great tale of a tail. :)

Couple of years ago, when my little mat kind of flipped up and I had to straighten it out to open the door because a friend was leaving, wouldn't you know that one of the cats had slipped a dead mouse under the mat and we must have stepped on it at least 20 or 30 times, but because it was so skinny there wasn't bump to notice. All I could do was laugh...but as Reader's Digest said, Boy, was my face red!...Sherry :)))

And a real cutie, Heidi. :)

Thanks, CJ45. Glad you like them. :)

motherofsleep and Sherry, anything would be better than that. :)

Better than a mouse...always better than a mouse...Sherry :)))


I just love all of your cat puzzles youngone. Thank you.

That's a little better than the dead flies my Kiku leaves in MY bed.


Silly cat.

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