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Claude Monet - Camille Monet in the Meadow, 1876) (May17P12)

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Camille Doncieux Monet (1847 - 1879) has been Monet's model since they met in 1865.

Monet and Camille married on 28 June, 1870.

1st of a set of painting of Camille by Claude Monet. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account,
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That is so great to know, thank you, Jason, time to enjoy!


Glad that you have found a painting by Monet that you like, Luly,

Monet is one of my favourite painter, too.
I featured a number of his paintings @jasonchung.
Hope that you will enjoy them.


I just saw this beautiful puzzle/painting and couldn’t resist putting it together, Claude Monet is one of my favorites. Thank you, Jason, this is absolutely beautiful!


Thank you, RJay for your interest in the Monet's paintings which I feature as puzzles :-)

I, too, wish that I can paint like Monet. But, guess, I can only admire his works of art.

Till I hear from you again,


Yes. I looked through all of your puzzles, love Monet! I wish I could paint like that. Take care!


Hello RJay,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page @jasonchung

Thank you for the compliment on this painting.

I love Monet's paintings, too. He is a master painter.

Hope that you will find more of Monet's paintings to enjoy at this puzzle page of mine.

Keep safe and well.

Best regards,


Beautiful puzzle. I can look at Monet for a long while and still see more and more. Thanks!


You are most welcome, Marina.

I like Monet's paintings, too and am glad that you have enjoyed this painting of his :-)

Warm regards, Jason.


Beautiful place to hide in the fields and read your book! I love Monet, it lifts whatever unpleasant mood I am in and makes me happy. Thank you for sharing. Marina


You are welcome, Lin. Glad that you found peace and relaxation with this painting.

Take care, my dear friend. Stay well and strong.

Warm regards, Jason.


9-20-17 2:04 CDT


Another bit of Monet magic I missed during one of my 'off' times. Thoroughly enjoyed, Jason - found to be peaceful as well as relaxing. Many thanks, my friend.


Oh yes! And to be surrounded by fresh blooms.

Thank you Iris for going so far back to solve this puzzle.


Hi Donna, I must have missed your notification on this puzzle.

It is a nice painting.

Thank you for asking, I am feeling much better nowadays.

I wish you a great day.

Warm regards, Jason.


The peaceful joy of a meadow in summer time! Grins!☺


I especially like this one of Camille with her parasol and her beautiful hat. She seems quite at peace reading her book in these lovely surroundings. Thanks for posting, Jason. Hope you are feeling well today. Warm regards, Donna




Great set of paintings of Camille by Claude Monet.
Thank you, Jason.


Thank you for visiting, Mariolyn.

I am more active at jasonchung2 where I post my own simple drawings and mosaics puzzles that I have created.


Lovely. Thanks. We were missing you there for a bit.


Thank you Bev for visiting.


Hello Cappy, I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

Thank you for taking the time to write a positive comment :)


Camile....made him a great deal of money...but to late in his life I think. Thank you Jason. :)) Bev

very pretty.

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