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Sleeping Beauty

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Yvonne, this is for you. Finally, a sleeping


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This is my most precious picture, she is so trusting and loving. I love watching her sleep.
Thanks for the nice comments. Love & hugs to you, and smooches from my sleeping beauty.


I really can imagine this is your most precious picture ever Pat! This is so endearing! I've always felt very protective of Sam when he was asleep. He looked so vulnerable and my heart would burst from love just looking at him. This picture is like that, gives me the same feeling. So sorry Danny can be with her for only a little while because he is allergic. Such a pity. Glad you had a nice mother's day. Lots of cuddles for sweet Bishka, love and hugs for you :)


Yvonne, this is the first picture I even caught any of my dogs sleeping. She lays right next
to me every night as soon as it gets dark and she is off guard duty. I am so glad I got her,
at 6 1/2 I don't think anyone would have adopted her, she is just so loving. I always loved
all of Sams pictures when he was sleeping, but this one is my most precious one ever.
Love & hugs to you my friend, and I am so happy you have Ollie to play with now.


O Pat, this is a beautiful picture!! I love this one! Thank you for posting it! And she didn't even wake when you took the picture?! She feels at home with you, she is at ease! She found her forever home and you both are very lucky to have found each other! My favorite kind of picture, loved to watch Sam sleep. Thanks again Pat! Cuddles for sweet Bishka, love and hugs for you :))


Thanks Evelyn.


Thanks Barbara and Andie. I am the lucky one to have her, getting a dog at 6 1/2 is a little
iffy, but she is a prize. Thanks for the nice comments..


What a lovely picture Pat,Bishka is beautiful ! Thanks for sharing.


Sweet picture, she is lucky to have such a nice home.


We have different throws in every room, I feel she deserves it. She was 6 1/2 when I got
her and she was abused. The first couple of nights she hid in the corner in my bedroom
so I put a bed in there, and now she doesn't do that anymore. She has finally made this
her forever home. Thanks Bev, Ardy and Jimbos for your nice comments. Never got
a shot of Cali sleeping in 11 years, but finally got one of Bishka. Thanks..

Oh, pat this is so cool. I love your dog. I love the throws he is sleeping on too. :))Bev. 2:41 p.m.
May 01,2017


Beautiful photo, Pat. She didn't even wake up with the camera noise. Sweet. Thanks.


And doing it very well!