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A Staggering Demonstration at Western Oregon University

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You may be able to read the sign in the lower right-hand corner of the puzzle. It indicates that each flag represents FIVE HUNDRED people KILLED in the Holocaust. These are not victims of WWII. These are specifically people killed in the Holocaust.

Each flag color represents a different social group. The blue in the foreground primarily represents Polish Catholics. In the distance, you can see yellow flags that stretch beyond the camera's capacity to capture. These are Jewish people. Remember, each flag represents 500 people who died.

When reading about the Holocaust, the numbers are incredible, but they are numbers on a page. This demonstration gave a more visceral sense of what those numbers mean. If you were to pick out a 5x5 foot square and imagine just one person dead for each flag, it would be horrifying. Then multiply that by the number of 5x5 foot squares on campus. THEN multiply THAT number by 500! It is still beyond my capacity to truly grasp, but it gives a much more accurate sense of the number of people who died in Hitler's terrible policy.

Thank you to Western Oregon University for hosting this incredible demonstration.
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Thanks for your comments. It was stunning to see all those flags. Had each flag represented a fatality, it would have been horrifying. To realize that each flag represented five hundred people was mind-boggling. I can't even imagine how terrible it would be to come across a dead body. But the millions represented here... well, we must always remember them, and learn the lessons they teach us.


Effective......and horrifying......


Breath-taking, EB. Thanks for sharing this memorial.

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