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Brain Health Clinic, Las Vegas

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  1. anamaria781:54
  2. Aviator1:59
  3. lolacynch2:07
  4. Malta2:11
  5. hud52:15
  6. L19452:19
  7. isukatpunk2:19
  8. girlmouse612:23
  9. ShaneLee2:30
  10. ribit1232:33


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I like you comment, roerick. Made me laugh!


Thanks everyone. To think it looks even WORSE from the other side, unimaginable chaos. I Googled it afterwards. Couldn't take the picture at the time, we were just driving by. Why do this? Maybe to get your brain thinking? No idea.


Why would someone commission a building like this? Imagine working in it? Trying to find your way around? A similar skewed building at MIT has the issue that some people get nauseous in it because it's so at odds with our sensory expectations!


Cheap material used. Warped in the sun.


Someone's axons and dendrites have synapsed (snapped). Can't say I'm a homunculus fan of this building.


No wonder this is the Brain Health Clinic....My Brain gets dizzy just looking at it ....OMG !

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