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What Breed Am I?

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@jojosmom417: I would call this dog "CUR".


Sweet baby! Looks like he's wearing a mask! Did you ever determine breed?


It's the best breed! It's your dog! It a beautiful dog at that.


@wentworth: You know, I'm still trying to figure that one out, Jim!! I'm so glad you stopped by. It's always nice to meet someone who is new to the puzzles I usually see. Feel free to stop and say "Hello" any time! Sherry

@jojosmom417: I give up, what breed are you? Just dropped by to say hello.


Beautiful dog.



I must be getting old because I don't remember you sending your address. (Imagine that.) If you want to send it to me, (did you mean e-mail?) you could send it again to this puzzle. Sherry


I'm glad to hear myvsurprise would be welcome! But I need any mailing address you want to give me - that's why I sent you mine so you don't have to write yours here on Jigidi. Or is there any other way I can send it to you?


Heicel, that would be absolutely wonderful!! I would love to see Germany in person, but your book of photos would be as close to the real thing as I will ever get, I'm afraid. Thank you for thinking of me! Have a great day (night?). Sherry


This looks like a fine plot hound to me!
I hope I did not cause a misunderstanding lately! A few years back I made a foto-book of all parts of Germany for friends of Newfoundland. I thought I could transform the content of this book into a pdf and send it to you via mail - that's what I meant with having you 'see Germany'!




Thanks, Sherry! My students in the dog training class I teach tell me that I'm worth the price of admission, so it's too bad you're not closer. And I envy you the lightning bugs.....


Ellen, Charlie and I live in Joplin, MO. You may remember me telling you about the many, many lightening bugs that are everywhere here. We are the ones who had the EF5 tornado ten years ago and lost maybe half of the city and well over 100 lives when it hit on a Sunday afternoon--just after the high school held graduation. You are always welcome to come and visit!! Sherry


LOLLL! Just for reference, where is "down here"?


So Ellen, do you want to come stay down here while you train him, or would you rather I bring him and leave him with you?


I started Seal on baby lessons when he was about 6 weeks. Anything after that is do-able. Tigger was 5 years old when I started him in Obedience and Putter was 9 when we began Agility training. It's never too late.


Thanks for your comments, Richard and Ellen. Charlie is a lover, for sure, but I think he's the Devil's spawn to tell the truth. He is getting lots of love and special attention now because we just barely got him through a very bad bout of Parvo. He was so sick I was afraid we would lose him, but with the vet's meds, some herbal treatment (Silver Shield), IV fluids and LOTS of Gator Aid, he made it. Now he's so rowdy, I don't know what to do with him!

So, Ellen.....when can you start Charlie's Obedience training? LOL Sherry


Clever, Richard! His eyes say that he needs oodles of love, and also some Obedience training! It'll be worth the effort.


Charlie looks like he is living a darn good life,,, should spoiled be in that sentence?
btw... I know as much about dogs as I do flowers.


Thanks, Ellen. He just wants loving attention, but he's so big it's hard to do. And he just loves to play.

Rainrider, he just loves to play, and you are right--he's very happy.

Bluestockings, we are working on getting him to calm down so we caqn get a good photo of him right now. So I'll be back.


I look forward to those photos! If he's really a horse, there might be a bit of Great Dane in the mix. His muzzle looks a bit pointy here, but some of the Dane's ancestors had pointier faces than those of today.

If you really want to know, there are DNA tests for dogs.


For sure I see plott hound in him, I am kind of stuck on the rest of the mix. boxer, pitty, or maybe some blue tick. He does look like a happy dog though.


But he looks like a love! :o)


Thank you to robyn5118, Bluestockings,PutterDutt and Surreal_Heidi for your responses. I'm sure Charlie is a mix, and we were guessing on a Plott Hound/Boxer combo, so it's good to have some validation on that. If I can get him to stand still long enough, I will post pictures of him in a better position. I swear, he has the longest legs and tail I ever saw. And don't get me started on the size of those feet! Sherry


I say he's a mix, too, but a lovely one. It's hard to tell what his breed composition is from this picture. The brindle color is found in Plott Hounds and Boxers and various pit bull breeds. The white on the chest makes me think that one parent could have been Boxer or Boxer cross. The other could have Lab in it, from the facial length, ears and eyes. Or I could be way out in left field on this.


I agree on the mix answer, Sherry, and could very well have Plott in him. Sweet face.



Plott hound is a good guess for one of his parents. I'm not a Plott hound expert, but he looks like a mix to me.

Plott Hound?


This is Charlie. He was found on the coldest night of the year (-12 degrees), trying to eat a frozen possum. He was little then. Now he's a horse! Can anyone tell me who his dog parents were?

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