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  1. rozum58:54
  2. pmc1:13:17
  3. edemtbs1:14:42
  4. Iluv2laugh1:14:54
  5. NannyC1:21:14
  6. tinlal1:22:22
  7. dnanz1:22:33
  8. Pablo81:25:13
  9. colvi1:26:08
  10. agilitytrainer1:32:10


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This one is more challenging than it looks, but I finished it. Thanks

The table is all set for the annual Clown Awards dinner. Because the awards are considered a serious subject relative to the clowns' usual occupation, excessive consumption of alcohol is frowned upon. To prevent drunkenness, the chairs must be straddled and have weight sensors in them. If a clown falls off his stool, the yellow panel with his drink tilts down towards the white triangle, which in turn tilts down, dumping his drink into hole in the middle of the table. At that point the light under his drink panel goes out and a timer is set for one hour. He may not have another drink until he can sit on the stool and the panel light is on. If any clown is caught giving his drink to a "fallen" friend, he must put on his party-pooper hat (there's one next to each stool) and forfeit all his drinks for the remainder of the evening. :-))




Thank you for solving this one, Vicki.

Great fun. Thanks Param.


You're welcome.
꧴̑͜Ф̦̺͜Ф̑꧳ = keep smiling

Really fun, thanks!

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