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Birthday E-Card Dragon (Ex. Small)

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©2020 Kyrin Original Image
This is a revised version of an E-card I made for a friend who likes dragons.
I took a photo of the dragon figurine, then digitally removed the background and added a slice of a Northern Lights picture and placed that as the new background. Then I brought in a couple of meteorites to give it 'sparkle'. I also gave the dragon a real dragon's eye (lizard family).

This puzzle can be searched under BirthdayECardDragon

Available sizes: 12, 80, 154, 266, 336 & 475

I confirm that I made this digital art creation from my own photographs. No unauthorised use of this image allowed without prior written permission of the artist. If you wish to use this image on your web page, you MUST include artist's name and link to the Viewbug page where it appears.
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Oh yes, mate! We're soaked to the bone! Today was the first sunny day in over a week! Apparently more rain is yet to come, ugh!
I mean, I love the rain, however, I also like dry furniture and things, so you know...


Hi Kyrin, wet indeed........

Saw this news clip from a Toronto-based Canadian network, which starts out with aerial video of Taree. Which I believe is in your neck of the world wide woods. Not a pretty sight, though very impressive in a jaw-dropping kind of way.

Thousands evacuated in Australia as Sydney faces worst flooding in 60 years
4 minutes, 42 seconds

Hoping you're all well and staying high and dry! Cheers from thawing-out southern Ontario ♥♥♫☼


Thank you Hun, and hugs to you and beautiful Baby from wet Australia XOXO


I think it‘s wonderful Hon! Hugs from snowy Austria to you!


Hah hah yeah why not ;-)


Kinda thought you might've known it. Let other 'Shoppers benefit then.


Snicker to you Mr. Toku! Just you be a good boy for Miss or it's no more dragon pics for you, hmm?

Thanks Rob, appreciate the techie nugget ;-)
I had already thought of that when I read Mr. 'Snicker's' comment lol!


Christine, if you render the version with the glow, then bring it in as a layer above another layer without the glow, you can (somewhat carefully) erase out the gap in question, from the upper layer. That leaves a glow everywhere else, but the lower layer without the glow will be showing through the area that you erased.
Keeping backup copies before you begin ensures that any errors need not be permanent.

This can be used wherever you like: you can enhance the saturation of one flower in a bunch while leaving all the others unenhanced, for instance.

Another techie nugget earned by hard trial and error sometime in the past nine years. Use it with flourish!


Snicker, Thank you Miss!


Ahh do you mean the gap between the dragon's back/spine and wings?
Yeah that bugged me a bit too. It's because I put a glow around the figure, which incorporated that part of it. If I were looking to make this a more realistic dragon, I'd have to fix that bit, for sure :-\

And yes, my child, you may be included in this group too ;-)


I found this one, neat picture.
Nice piece of work Kyrin.
Thank you for sharing.
That 'spot' looks like a burn-in, think you will have to use photoshop to blend it in to the rest of the picture.

Please miss, can I be added into the group tag!


Oh that's great to hear mate! I'm really happy to know :-D
And yes, my heal has fully healed lol


P.S. Very happy to know that you're almost all heeled up ;-)


How did I miss this? So happy to have noticed it now! One of my favourites of all your gems, Christine ♥♥♫☼


@JuXe and this is the dragon pic I was talking about in the "Gold Dragon Blue" puzzle (comment). If you want them in the larger sizes, please ask and let me know which one, thanks :)

Also, if you'd like me to include you in my friend's group tag, please say so too, thanks heaps :-D


It's good, thanks! Nearly back to full strength :)


A vicious looking dragon worthy of a birthday card for your friend.
How is your foot healing Christine, can you walk on it properly yet?♪♥♥♫


Thank you Lovely XO

Oh, my, you really had a scare about possible surgery! So glad you are recovering!


Am trying ;-)


Ouch- Kyrin! Glad you're on the mend-


Oh thank you so much Merrie! Oh you've really touched my heart! Yes, our little Princess Bella is in Spirit, and I still miss her so very much! We are well here and no virus problems although, funny to say - but definitely not funny to experience - I accidentally stood on a sewing needle on Tuesday afternoon, and it clean snapped off in my heel! I had it removed yesterday morning under general anaesthetic (which was good, as it was 1199mm in from its point of entry and touching the bone! The doctor who examined the x-rays on the Tuesday night said it might take surgery to get it out. But it's all fixed now and I have the next 10 days to keep the foot up and rested until the wound is healed and the bandage can come off.
I'm so happy you like this picture too. I see that 'spot' too and it sort of bugs me, but I gave the dragon a shape-glow, so it automatically traces the figure's outline, which includes that part. As for the eye, yes, I've had a few great comments on it now. It makes such a difference! :-D

I love the dragon of a birthday Jean - now blow out the candles and try not to melt the cake, yeah? Lol!

Interesting card. I like the meteorites. I was a little confused about the 'spot' on his neck, until I realized it was just an open area. I think the edging drew my eye/attention to it. I like the eye - give real menace!
How are you and your folks doing down there? We just keep to the farm as much as possible. We are good so far. I am sending a big family hug to you, as I know this will be a different holiday season without one small, but very loved member.


Wish all a dragon of a birthday celebration!


Something for the dragon-lovers ;-)
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