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Our Wet Birds. Larger.

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We had beautiful rain last week, most unusual in May, and the birds enjoyed the rain too.

Top Left: Some Grey Crowned Babblers enjoying the rain and the bird bath! They make a lot of fuss and noise.

Top Right: Some little Peaceful Doves sat in the wet grass seeing the Babblers wouldn't share the bird bath.

Bottom Left: We have been having a mouse plague for some weeks now and these little Raptors have come to hunt the mice. This one rested on the new airport fence and I had the zoom on full to get him. We think it's a Black Kite. We have only seem their backs and also their outline flying about us.

Bottom Right: The Kookaburras are hunters too and have enjoyed the mice. This one sat on the clothesline to watch.

All photos taken on very rainy days, so apologies for the quality of the pics.
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  1. alias2v1:21
  2. leslieg1:30
  3. albertwinestein1:38
  4. dobrajaneckova1:47
  5. dize51:53
  6. Pekaji2:19
  7. MeMaw232:22
  8. PMK492:38
  9. Barbara382:41
  10. Ragidi2:42


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Thanks Diane, no I know this wouldn't grab you. Hugs ♥♥


Well done, Nev.


Thanks Suzy, it's very strange for us to have rain in May! Hugs my friend. ♥


Nature's hunters doing their job!!! How refreshing for you to have rain-the birds must be as happy as your flowers are! Hugs, my friend. 💓


Thanks Lena, yes we are usually wanting rain, never seems to be a happy medium. Hugs to you. ♥♥

Thank you for the birds😊and I hope the weather gets better ♥️


Thanks Nev, Diane is off on a Mystery Bus tour today, so will be late home. I'm not sure this is her type of puzzle. Hugs my friend. ♥♥♥

We are tired of the rain now and have already had 145 mm this month (!!!) when our average for May is 27 mm. My garden is soaked and we have more predicted, VERY strange for winter, when summer is usually our "wet" season. @albertwinestein


Dize, I had quite a good run today - I think Janet has told all the pieces to behave themselves (and they listened!). ♥♥♥

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