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My Garden Yesterday. Smaller.

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Some flowers and interesting things in my garden.

Top Left: My mini Chrysanthemum, flowering now that autumn is here.

Top Right: A tiny nest with two tiny blue eggs right beside our front door. Not a good place and I doubt they will hatch as the mother, who we think is a tiny Wren, is never on the nest. Also it's very late in the year to be raising babies.

Bottom Left: My gorgeous big Hibiscus Tequila Sunrise. It has been flowering and flowering.

Bottom Right: My Cape Honeysuckle with bright orange tube like flowers. "Tecoma capensis, the Cape honeysuckle, is a species of flowering plant in the family Bignoniaceae, native to southern Africa. Despite its common name, it is not closely related to the true honeysuckle." Wiki

Heather and I are off to Maryborough today, but won't be too long as we are staying away from the shops.
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Yes Allie, Fairy Wrens are so sweet. I do hope they nest here next spring, but not by the front door! I must goggle your Sardinian warblers. You have an Antignon, I do too, flowering now. I will get a photo for you. Hugs my friend ♥♥


I hope they do another nest next year - would be great to have a family there and see them grow up - plus they would probably return next year once they feel protected.
I was so impressed with the Fairy wrens I saw near Melbourne - they were so tame and I'm sure people fed them cause they seemed to be expecting something from me!!! Unfortunately I had nothing on me that day. I'll try and post a photo of them.
I get Sardinian warblers nesting in my garden every year - in fact yesterday I was told off by the dad when I was watering yesterday, so the female must be on the eggs already - hope I did not wet her when I was hosing down the plants - not sure where they did their nest this year. The last few years it was in the Antigonon - the dad issued alarm call when I went close to a Belladonna. Must find out! Thanks xx


Thanks DexterandRudymomma, cheers, Janet.


Allie, sadly they deserted the nest. Such a silly place right, by our front door.
Yes they are gorgeous tiny birds, but sadly those two eggs didn't make it. I do hope she picks a better place when spring comes around, I'd love to see some little ones in the garden. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥


Beautiful pictures


Oh how wonderful to have Fairy wrens nesting in yr garden Janet!! I had seen them in Melbourne -they were so sweet and friendly and super CUTE!!! hugs xx


Marina, we found out the nest was for Superb Fairy Wrens, very special tiny birds and the male is gorgeous. Such a shame they picked such a silly place to build it. Thanks and hugs. ♥


Lovely Tequila Sunrise hibiscus but shame about the wren's eggs. Thanks,


Thanks Shirley. I checked the little deserted nest a few days ago and there was one little egg in it but it turned to dust when I touched it, so I'd say it's been a meal for something. Hugs. ♥


Pretty flowers, Janet, shame about the nest of eggs. they sometimes get it wrong.♥


Thanks Maureen, hugs to you dear friend. ♥♥♥


Love all your flowers,especially the gorgeous
Hibiscus Tequila Sunrise. Love the bright colours.
Hugs my friend. We also have the Cape Honeysuckle every year when the strong gale force winds arrive ,I'm afraid they are much reduced. Arthur cuts it down and next year it's back up again. Above our 6ft wall.
Hugs dear friend ❤❤❤


Thanks Barb, yes the Hibiscus is a huge flower and I love it. Such a silly place for the nest, I hope they wait until spring now to try again.
Hugs my friend. ♥☺♥


Thanks so much Daasha, hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Thanks Suzy, not a wise place for the tiny nest. Such a shame they didn't pick a better spot. Hugs my friend. ♥


Allie that Hibiscus is really huge too. I love it. I have to watch the Cape Honeysuckle as it sends out long runners and would take over the garden, but it is pretty. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥


Very beautiful collage, thanks, Janet. I love your "Tequila Sunrise" every time you post a photo of this beauty. It is stunning. Just too bad the mother Wren picked such unfortunate place for her nest. That may be a reason she seemed to abandon it. Hugs to you my friend ☺♥♥

Gorgeous collage, Janet. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Beauties all, Janet. It's no wonder the wren wanted to raise her young there--so sorry that it didn't work out. :((( Hugs.


Shame about the wren's eggs Janet!
Superb hibiscus flower there ... must be very happy if it flowered non stop!!! Lucky you!! :-)) xxx
The orange (bottom left) is a native here in wooded areas. :-)


Val we were the only ones wearing masks today and stayed away from the big shopping centres. We don't go out unless we have to.
Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Thanks for your fascinating story Sherry. Sadly we had a wild storm just as we got home today and she has deserted the nest, so two little eggs will never be pretty little wrens. Good that your babies made it to fly away size. Hugs, Janet. ♥


Thanks so much Jill, I'm glad you liked my flowers. Hugs. ♥


Thanks Nev, we are quite upset as the little mother has abandoned the nest in a huge storm. We are pretty sure they are Superb Fairy Wrens. The nest is TINY, way too small for Mynahs. We never saw the male, with his lovely blue colouring, but we heard him warn the mother bird, a drab little brown bird each time we opened the door.
We had a fun day thanks. Hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Thanks Gringa, hugs, Janet.


Thanks Gail, the mother has abandoned the nest now in a big storm, so no hope for the eggs. Hugs my friend. ♥


As we drove home we drove into a huge storm and I noticed she had abandoned the nest, so no hope for the eggs to hatch, sadly.


Foxy, we needed to call into one shop and wore our masks, no one else had them on! We had a good day and safely home. Hugs. ♥


Wonderful colourful collage thank you Janet. Our government has stopped signing in and in a week we do not use vaccine passes so guess we will be staying home Hugs ♥♥♥


I had a wren build her nest in my mailbox--which is right beside my front door. She was frightened away and the eggs didn't hatch so what did she do, you may ask. Well, I'll tell you---she built it again in the same place and, after enlisting the US Government (read: the mailman) in the effort to save those eggs, she successfully raised three little ones who made it to the flight stage while I breathed a sigh of relief. I really hope she finds a more suitable place for her nest next time, although it was fun to watch them develop and to watch her take care of them--all while the mailman was locked out of the mailbox. Sherry


Lovely and interesting collage Janet, do love your Tequila Sunrise Hibiscus. Thanks and hugs


Janet, from a Queensland Government website, "The egg colour is distinctive as no native 'hollow-nesting' birds lay blue/ turquoise eggs." They are saying, watch out for Indian Mynahs (a real pest).
Safe travels. ♥♥♥


Thank you!


Love your flowers,Janet. Too bad about those eggs.


How did the babies do?


Your garden is a riot of colours, Jan. I love the hibiscus colour especially.
Safe travel to you - and keep away from the shops - if you can 😊

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