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1. ~ Blue Ringed Octopus.

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Colorful Animals.
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  2. sweetlu9:28
  3. lene19:55
  4. dangeo1911:19
  5. bandit212:03
  6. Bill_I_Am12:39
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Fortunately, here in Australia, most beach goers are pretty informed about them. They are actually quite small but have enough venom to kill 26 people. However only three known deaths have been attributed to them. They do tend to flee danger but if you see these electric blue colours you better flee.


@helenp That sure is important to know if you're there in the waters that they can be so dangereous. Apparently a lot of people over there don't seem to know that, I didn't know either but I don't think I've ever been near them anyway...gladly. :-))


Often found in shallow waters, this octopus is susceptible to people stepping on it or picking it up. Beware though, as it's bite is highly venomous and can cause death.


Yes they're quite intelligent creatures as well. Glad you enjoyed it Bill & thanks for leaving a nice comment. :-))


Yes, I did enjoy it. They are remarkable animals. Thanks, pukkiepuk!

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