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Morning Walk

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  1. Robbos0:59
  2. Ianto1:22
  3. JM_Cookie1:25
  4. Horn1:28
  5. hike171:30
  6. canoekaw1:32
  7. introvertka1:48
  8. healer241:49
  9. grandmalucy1:59
  10. wshealy2:16


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Unfortunately, sometimes I do have a sick sense of humor. I shall endeavor to keep it under wraps.


Well is was funny, in a sick way ;-)


That was just my first thought which usually needs to be jettisoned. My second thought was friends out and about at social distance. It just struck me funny at first.


It was a refreshing cool breeze on a small group of locals determined in their quest to get up, get out and get going. Still, I see your point ! :-))


Whew! I was afraid it was an execution.

That is why I like to layer my clothes.


We had our parkas open, it was way too warm for gloves too.

Let's hope that they are warm enough.


It looks more like they're getting ready for the 100 yard and doughnuts for the winner! ;DDD

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