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THEME: B&W - Vintage Photos ~~ 1960 - 1961, My brother's 5th grade class

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  1. olando8:56
  2. ebkrueg9:06
  3. BookPenguin11:01
  4. sweetdee11:09
  5. baanee4411:46
  6. mmattera12:29
  7. Duine13:39
  8. Oregonfrog17:07
  9. cherlock18:58
  10. chief_clerk25:28


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Oh, How I remember that!! Although, up until Jr. High my mom pin-curled my hair (twist hair around your finger, push flat against head and put a bobby pin through it). I started doing the hard plastic curlers in Jr. High...ouch!!


And the girls slept in curlers. :)


Don't you just love how the boys wore suits and ties for picture day?? They all look wonderful...freshly scrubbed and groomed. Very handsome brother, Cakes*!*


Hi Rebecca, Beth & Cheryl ~ I think you're right about it being a uniform.
They are all good looking, I agree.
I'm sorry about your heart, glad the coffee didn't bother you. Be careful, my friend, no more 3 cup at a time. One is more than enough. HAH!!! Yes, the star is my brother. I love him more that anything. ;))))))) took forever ....but I just had 3 cups of coffee which I am not supposed to drink
as I am being treated for heart failure....but...I thought this would be fairly easy! Jokes on me! They are all sooo he the one with the star next to it?


A good-looking bunch!


Looks like a Girl Scout uniform on the bottom row? One year I wore my Brownie uniform.

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