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This is one of the Baby Kitties we Rescued on July 4, 2016, taken on: July 4, 2016

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Here's one of the kittens we rescued on July 4, 2016. These kittens are just the cutest. They all have blue eyes, fuzzy Persian kitten like fur, and just really cutesy wootsy!

Take care of your animals. they are people too. In the Oregon Supreme Court, Judges decided that animals are living, breathing, feeling as humans are. This is a great start to make mean people that abuse animals pay for their crimes. Thank you Judges!

Have a great day today! Cutesy Wootsy should be in the dictionary.

God Bless All Animals! Peace to All.
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TO: oldnanalarissa, frandancer, tsukunevampire08, revlor and cbmuller: Hello to everyone! I'm so glad you enjoyed the puzzle.

Unfortunately, I couldn't keep any due to my Mother being very sick right now. She had a stroke in June 2016 and it made her partially paralyzed in her left leg & foot. She can barely walk with a walker, is stuck upstairs now, and one thing to throw her off and have yet another fall. We can't have that. So the neighbor that had the Mama kitty found homes for the rest of the six, and they kept two for themselves. Makes me deeply sad that I couldn't keep one. This was the one I was going to keep. She spoke up for all the other kittens the first second she saw us saving them. So cute this little tyke asking us what we're doing with her brothers & sisters.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Yes they all have love and I know they will be forever grateful. God Bless all of you and your families. It is difficult not having animals, but the nice thing is, I can assist rescues on Facebook when they need to get the word out about an animal in need of a home or foster parent. I also have plans to enter into legislature new laws supporting the new June of 2016 Oregon Supreme Court decision. We need to give life for taking a life; just as it is in the real world. Harsher punishments will make people think more of taking care of animals.

To all of you; have a pleasant, peaceful and loving day everyday of your lives. Not for a moment should you let life pass by without enjoying life. Again God Bless all of you! Peace to All!


How fabulous that you rescued them and gave them the love they deserve. They will be forever grateful!

Thanks for rescuing kitties. All my fur babies are adopted and we just love them!

God Bless You always!! So cute!!!


Love the picture. Bless you for rescuing these adorable babies. I love your comments oldnanalarissa, which echo my feelings exactly. And I did not know about the Oregon Supreme Court ruling. Bless them for finally seeing the light! That made my day. Thank you!


God blessed you. I know the feeling of bringing home rescued kitties. They bring joy into our homes. A house feels dead without little fuzzy cuties. They will also donate lots of fur all the time. That will keep you busy. Vacuuming is good exercise. You will also make important decisions about house plants and more. It's all worth it. I can't imagine life without them.

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