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Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick, Jack Jumped Over The .........

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PJ, glad you enjoyed the puzzle and the title. As always, thank you for a delightful comment my dear :-)


A great title to a wonderful puzzle. I admire your ability to make such a fine puzzle.


Wendy, he is more than happy to be whatever you want him to be LOL

Kristen, I am finding that my new found "wings" can be a bit on the funny side as with this puzzle LOL I just created a verrrry silly fellow and can not wait to post him and his title LOL While there was some "artwork" done to the upcoming fellow, I really don't think he would be considered "art". He is far too comical to be taken as art LOL Thank you very very much for the tip on putting the puzzles under "mosaic"!!!!! If my silly side continues, a category titled "Make Ya Want To Laugh" might just well be in order LOL Of course it might turn out to be a controversial category as what one person finds funny, another might not LOL

Mandy, thank you very much for the compliment on the design!!!! Also glad you thought the title was humorous LOL


Kathy, this is a beautiful design, and I think your title is very funny - if people know their nursery rhymes!! :~)


Sorry for the late reply, Kathy. I went to bed not long after I left my comment last night. And I see your Jack, and love your title! I'm sure that lots of people will not only get it, but have a laugh too.

No one would think you are "winging it". I think you could categorise this under "art". Seriously. However you'll get more solves in the "mosaic" category. :-D


Kathy, I just figured out where Jack is in the picture. What I saw at first though was two dark blue eyes, green curling eyebrows, and a bright orange-red moustache.


Thank you very much Kristen for a wonderful comment!!!! No need to be in awe as I am just winging it LOL I just find it interesting at all the possibilities that can be created. I think it would be almost impossible to go back and start from scratch and create the identical image again. I am not sure what you would call the style image above? Would it fall under the listing of perhaps "abstract"?

The title to this one gave me a giggle when I came up with it LOL Most will probably think it a bit silly, but hopefully some will also smile :-)

I like working with both images and starting from scratch. Thank you so much for leaving the beautiful, heartwarming, and kind comment :-)


Beautiful colours and gradients, Kathy! And a really interesting image. I'm in awe of your ability to create something froms scratch like this. With kaleidos, you have a starting point - the original image! Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us. :)))

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