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Baby Puffin 2

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Saw a great documentary this week - we've all seen puffins before but have any of you seen baby puffins? See the last 2 of my postings today :-) Photos taken from my tv :-)

I've seen loads of Puffins on the British coast but had never seen a baby Puffin before! Glad I saw this documentary! Thought I'd share it with you all :-)))
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Glad you eventually found them Celine :-))

kaybobblee - I decided that the new photos were not good enough to post unfortunately. But will keep my eyes open and camera ready to snap any more good shots. Sorry and thanks for your patience :-) x


Adorable! To think that he will spend most of the year all alone flying over the ocean... As adult ones they look so different. Thanks so much for sharing these fotos!!


@kayboblee - I'm so glad you enjoyed the little Puffling (baby puffin) - I really enjoyed seeing that documentary and why I shared it all with you. Today I took some more photos from another docu - will post them soon if they turned out well. Thanks for letting me know 👍😉


@alliebono. I am so tickled to see this photo of a baby puffin. I have seen adult puffins--in Alaska, and I just fine them so fascinating--like most of us. Not exactly certain why they are so interesting, but I think most of us agree, they are. Thanks for a lovely posting. ;-))


It's a darling! I don't doubt that many haven't Marina - that's why I posted it :-) Glad you liked seeing it!


It is such a sweetie. Never seen a baby puffin before..


Ha Ha that's a cute name too! Hugs ♥


Just found out the baby is called a Puffling! I had never seen one either Janet and was real pleased to see it on that documentary! Thank you both xx


What a cutie thanks Allie. No I've never seen a baby puffin, only adults on nature shows. Hugs. ♥

So cute! I love puffins!

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