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My father had a Vespa scooter in the early 60's but he never took me to ride with him.
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Dad had one when i was a kid... although i tried to learn to ride a bike and motorcycle, i never learned... Nice to learn something about your family Marina.


Janet, It's good you tried your sister's vespa. A few years ago I rode a scooter with a friend of mine, I was sitting at the back, and it was great.


rico4. Very interesting story of your vespa adventures in Italy.


Lunie, I was just like you. I was an only and over-protected child, the only girl in 6 families of relatives. My parents had survived WWII with great losses of family members and friends. I used to admire people who had motorbikes or fellow children with bicycles, but they never let me have one, to protect my life I suppose.


Antlerlady, It's good you had a vespa and had fun. I never had one, my parents were against my having a motorbike in general and when I grew up I chose to have a car instead.


Fabulous thanks Marina, my sister Diane (dize 5 who does my larger puzzles) had a Vespa for years and I used to go to school on the back. Loved it. Hugs to you. ♥☺

When I lived in Rome I had a Vespa 125cc in 1958, then got a 175cc in 1959, both were still 2 cycle. Had no problem with my Italian girlfriend as she rode side straddle with her 4" heels, she was 17 and I was 20, gee how time flies. I can still put on a Roman accent and pass for a local. LOL. In this collection it looks like a couple of Lambrettas are in it.


i never learned to ride on these...even bicycles. TFS this collection Marina.


I bought a brand new Vespa 125 in 1959. I think it cost about $359. Had a lot of fun, but dating was a challenge. Thanks, MarinaNephele.

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