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Teddy Bear Bumblebee on Lavender.

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Taken this morning - he was a speedy bee too!
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Thanks Robbie - I'll have to look them up! We only get the odd one now & then, and the native blue-striped Bee, which is really pretty! They buzz around much too fast for me to photograph though!!


Robyn, your very cool shot prompted me to do some reading about these and other bees in Australia. Very scary reading to see what bumble bees could do to Australian agriculture and native bees! I always learn so much from jigidi puzzles and wish I had more time to be around here! Thanks.


Oh wow! You sure were lucky Cathy!!! Most times they sting when cornered!! Thanks!


What a cute bee!!!! Thanks Rob. I may have told you this story before ... I can't remember. I was sitting on the grass with my sweater beside me. Eventually I put it on and felt a tickling at my wrist. I looked and saw a bee squeezing himself out between my wrist and the sweater. Then he just flew away. I was surprised and pleased that he didn't sting me!!


Ah! Thanks for that info Janet - I'll have to do some digging & look them up some more!!!

Thanks Sharon - a non-stinging bee sounds good to me too :)))

Thanks Shirley - I only ever see one at a time here - so I don't think there are many around!!

Thanks Laura, Florrie, Ami ( so true!), Suzy, tex & Dave!! The wings showed up as just a slightly blurry spot Dave - & That's amazing I think :)))


Nice photo! You can barely see where the wings are.


What a cool little bee! And that plant is just as nice. Thanks, RR, good show.


The bee stands out so nicely against the sage like color of the lavender. Excellent shot, Rob!


They have too much to do to be still even for a photo op Robyn! That makes getting a good shot of one an interesting challenge!!


Wow! That is a great shot of the plump, furry little guy.


We don't have these cuties around here, or I haven't seen them, maybe I should take more notice, Thanks Rob, for showing us your Teddy bear bumblebee.


Robyn - that is a fabulous shot. So glad you shared it also. I love to see these little guys and knowing they are not about to attack me is a bonus!! ♥


Nev and Rob, I don't think any of the Aussie native bees sting you at all. I know that the blue striped ones don't so possilby these ones don't either. Janet


I deleted a few!!! blurred yellow blobs Barb!! That's why I love digital cameras :)))) Thanks :))))


Great bumblebee photo, Rob :) Thank you for being patient till you got it :)))


OOWW! You were game Valerie - I was too busy just trying to follow him in the camera view-finder :)))) He was really moving!! Thanks for commenting!!


I petted a bumble bee once-just couldn't resist. I gave my head a shake afterward but I'm still tempted to try again.


I only ever see one at a time around here Nev - so you're lucky to have two!! I only ever see one blue-striped too - which seems strange! Thanks:))


Thanks Razorflame - and welcome to Jigidi!! Thanks for dropping by to comment :))

He sure is Beekay - large, tan & furry :))) Thanks!

He's a bit different Patti - and cute!! Thanks!

Thanks Sandy - SORT of cuddly :))) They are pretty harmless though - he was buzzing around me but not in a threatening manner! I was just in his way!!!

Thanks Janet! We have those blue-striped ones too - and I've tried & tried to photograph one lots of times, without success! They're so pretty and they go like the clappers :))) One day.....


He is gorgeous, Rob. We don't have them but we have solitary bees with blue striped bottoms. We love them. They do not live with other bees at all. I have never been able to get a pic as they are speedy too. Hugs, janet


What a cool name for a bee. He does look sort of cuddly. LOL


Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a bee quite like this one. Thanks Robyn!


He's well named Robyn :-)


Thanks for sharing the photo!

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