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Scottish breakfast

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THE very best Scottish breakfast cereal. When I was young I thought I would look like him when I grew up. Now in old age I realise that I have never looked like that but I still have it for breakfast most days.
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Such a nostalgic puzzle. Porridge every day so healthy, with banana when cooked , almond milk and overnight soaking, none of this instant stuff. Know all about kilt fitting now, thanks for that gentlemen.


What a delightful label! We often have hot oatmeal for breakfast with honey or brown sugar and my husband must have milk. My mom would stir in jam. I guess I didn't realize it was a Scottish breakfast. Thanks for the fun solve.


Yes if that’s what it takes to keep it in place. The length of the kilt is measured by kneeling down and measuring from the waist to the floor.
When we were in Kyrgyzstan some years ago a lady made tea for us and stirred a spoonful of jam into the tea for sweetness. It was different but tasty.


I stir in a bit of jam into mine. (Is is appropriate to wear suspenders (braces) when styling a kilt?)


I don’t add salt to anything as long as it’s been cooked with salt. I tried eating porridge without salt and it is tasteless so now the salt is added before cooking. I also like to add a little honey for some sweetness.

Great puzzle salt or sugar ? Salt for me .


@Andrew2 But that fringe tickles!! A Scotsman who would willingly pay money??Unheard of! Thanks for the pre-luncheon chuckles...I just may have oatmeal and cinnamon toast!


Jerry my friend I think you would look great in a kilt, but I’m sure you would look fabulous in a short mini kilt. Now for that I might be tempted to pay money! Stay safe and keep well and worry about the length of a kilt. If it’s a REAL kilt it won’t have a hem.


@Andrew2 As long as the kilt has a dropped hem ;-}}


@jerrys This is my normal breakfast cereal unless we are on holiday. Then it’s bacon, eggs, sausage and anything else I fancy. Unfortunately that doesn’t keep me slim but I am reasonably healthy. Can I still fit into a kilt? Of course I can!

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