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Goofie: Look.....Mr.Pigeon is back again.....

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...Happy Days!!! ☺☺
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  1. rahan12123:40
  2. babray5:03
  3. GrandmaJo5:24
  4. scbrown5:46
  5. tisketsmum5:50
  6. soo6:42
  7. schutkleur6:57
  8. suzan986:57
  9. Impie7:03
  10. Iveta4497:04


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Thank you all for your nice comments.
For a while now Mr.Pigeon & Co. were visiting my neighbours' garden picking up spilt food by smaller birds. Big birds like Pigeons are not allowed there :(( so I decided to hang peanuts for all the birds to eat in my garden. Monday Mr.Pigeon finally discovered them too! I haven't put the chair for extra feeding yet, it's not really cold and there's still enough food to find in and 'round our gardens. When it gets colder I certainly will then the games will begin....☺


Perhaps he's come to sing you a Christmas carol, Goofie...


Hi Goofie, glad Mr Pigeon is back, Happy days again.
Lucky you have no snow, I guess Keida and Hazel are
in for the winter. nice picture.


Yes Goofie now you can have lots of fun playing chase with each other again :-)


Yay! Now it's time for kitty and pigeon games in the garden. Let the games begin.


Fijn Goofie!!!!♥♥♥

Heb je het stoeltje weer gevuld voor de duiven Impie?


Aahhhh Goofie, happy days indeed. Miracles do happen and I think Mr Pigeon has come to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas. He really is a good friend. ☺☺☺


Happy days indeed ☺☺☺


I look at Goofie placed where he is, on a bare piece of grey ground, and the sight of his former green blooming garden crossed my mind.'s good to have instead Christmas lights and decoration and joy, and...Mr. Pigeon coming back.


Mrs. Pigeon let him have a "day with the boys"? ;) Goofie, enjoy your garden and friends who drop by - here the snow would be up to your chin, and still more to come! I had a scare last night - when I looked out back before turning the lights off for the night, I thought I saw an orange kitty all curled up in the yard, and it's been below freezing for several days. I opened the door & spoke to it, but it didn't move, and for a moment I was afraid it had frozen and I felt terrible. But further inspection with a flashlight showed it was a tan plastic grocery bag. :)) What's in it, I don't know, as today it's completely covered by the snow...

Lovely scene with live and stone animals.


How nice of him to pop by and see you Goofie. I bet he likes your Christmas decorations too ☺♥☺

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