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I`d Like To Be, Under The Sea: Anemones!! ~ Medium

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Thanks Ardy. I love these kaleidos too - and still have a bunch that have never seen the light of day. A KaleidoKrew opportunity perhaps. Reading back on the comments makes me a bit sad. Hester never got to realise that dream. ((HUGS))


Beautiful, Kirsten. Loved reading the comments. Nothing much I could add except a big thank you for all the beauty you bring into my life. ((HUGS))


Yup! It's a big country ya know! LOL. The GBR is up north, off the Queensland coast, and I'm waaaaaaay down south. Actually I guessed 2000 kms. I just checked on Google maps, and it's more like 3000. And there are 57 steps in the directions between my place and Port Douglas (LOL), which is where we were based when we went to the GBR. A place I recommend if you're looking for somewhere to be based when you come over. It's all warm and tropical, with great restaurants and perfectly located for exploring lots of the great places up that neck of the woods. I think the weather is probably like Florida - typically tropical. You wouldn't want to visit in the wet season (our summer), but winter is perfect 'cos it's drier. And that's the perfect time for me to visit, to get away from Melbourne's cold winter. And you wanna know something else? The people we spoke to, and went out with on the GBR said that snorkelling gives the best view of the GBR, not diving. It's because it's so shallow. And ya wanna know something else? (LOL) I would LOVE to join you both up there. And down here for that matter. And anywhere else you care to name! LOL


You are 2000 km from the GBR????? In my head, you've always been closer. When John and I get to our diving weights again, we want to head there! I would LOVE to have you join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so, so, so pleased Pat!! LOL :)))


It was fun fun fun thanks Kristen


Thanks so much Mandy! I'm really glad you enjoyed them. :)))


I'm so jealous of the fact that you live by the coast, Jan. It's soooo good for the soul to have access to water. And I think you too, have to schedule a visit to our GBR. (and then a quick whip down south by around 2000 kilometres to visit me!) Or maybe I could meet you there! Wouldn't that be fun? :)))


What a lovely thing to say, Mariasha! And I hope that you've had the opportunity to explore a coral reef. If you haven't you need to! With your eye for art and beauty, it will be a rewarding experience for you. You can not possibly imagine how beautiful it is, until you've seen it. And can I recommend our Great Barrier Reef? C'mon. It's not too far away. LOL


Really lovely set today, Kirsten, thankyou. The subtle colours are gorgeous.


"In an octopus's garden in the shade..." These are lovely anemones. One of my favorites of undersea lifeforms. We can see these in tide pools at the coast. But, always it's more fun in the ocean!
The lower right hand one is perfect! (the others are also wonderful, too)

Thanks so much, Kirsten

I'd like to be under the sea with you Kirsten...and exploring the blue one in particular! Thnaks as always for brightening my mornings.


Thanks Hester!! I love them too. I was just saying to Ardy over on the tiny one, that I made these about 8 months ago, and had a delightful time making them. But in those days I didn't know how to replace the default black background that the kaleido-maker puts on them. And these looked awfully washed out against the black. But I think they shine with a complimentary colour. And I hope that you get to our Great Barrier Reef someday. Exploring it has been one of the highlights of my life. It is truly ethereal!


These are so delicate, Kirsten, and so ethereal! The blue one in particular. I can just imagine its tentacles waving in the warm currents of the oceans. Some time, just maybe, I'll get to visit the Great Barrier Reef. For now it will have to remain a dream. Thanks for the daydream!

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