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Oakworth, West Yorkshire
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  1. Menelaus3:20
  2. terorbaba3:35
  3. lbv3:57
  4. scbrown4:02
  5. zhaba474:04
  6. milinski4:11
  7. cygnus024:25
  8. Fun4us4:26
  9. GwenH4:27
  10. wetlandstom4:32


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Hi gogogo. Thank you for your interest. I had an interesting time wandering around the street. At least I have a photo of my mother's father but dad's father was also killed in France in 1915 and I have never seen a photo. Cheers.


What an interesting photo - & reading what you had to say about your search for your mother's home made it all the more interesting. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

No problem's Olivia. Thank you for your interest.

After I completed the puzzle, a window popped up explaining that you were looking for a place where your mother was raised. Didn't mean to pry. Just hoping you found something about your roots. And, good for you!

Ah, I found it. Had another go to improve my time and when it closed there was the box with the info. Dumbo that I am! Cheers.

Help! Thanks for your comments Olivia and Judy but where did you find my information about the street? I wrote it and posted it in the right places, I thought, but it doesn't show up on here.

I grew up in the next village and my mother's origins were not talked about. Soon after she was born her dad went into the Army along with many more from the villages, and my gran moved in with her mother in the next village, Haworth, famous for the Bronte sisters. So far as I knew as a boy, this was mum's home too. Her dad was killed in France in 1917 when she was only three so had no memory of her father.

What a great find.. This is awesome and the history as well..

Thanks for the information nzbantam. Did anything look familiar to you?

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