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I saw this on Pinterest

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Somehow it looked a lot better when they did it. ☺︎
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Thanks wigma and Nicky. I have to say that it's lasting well and a couple of people who dropped by commented on how good it looked.


Looks great to me!


You are right. I usually pull the seed stalks when I go for the regular stalks and never noticed the difference in the leaf size. Jigidi is always an education. Thank you.


Good one Raini. I made rhubarb crisp with it today. Yummy :-)))


I'm so happy to see that you finally got my rhubarb bouquet for your birthday Edie. It was very thoughtful of me to send an edible, ecological, economical, eclectic and enchanting gift eh ?

Happy belated birthday girlfriend !


Thanks Jan. It looks better now because I turned some leaves to the front which I should have done before taking the pic. lol.


No Wigma, the leaves on the flower stalks were not big like the other leaves.


I am laughing because before I solved it, I thought it was Romaine! LOL
I think it's great, Edie! :))


Did you trim the leaves? Our rhubarb leaves are so large they would tip any vase over.


Post yours when you've made one and let me be the judge ;-)


At least you have success. I need tools to do anything successfully.


Thanks Florrie. I somehow have the feeling that yours is going to look a lot better. lol.


It's the same spot Ardy because it gets good light. I saw on Pinterest that they used rhubarb that had gone to seed in vases as decoration and it looked really nice. I of course made them look like something the cat dragged in. lol.


Edie, guess I'm a little dense but isn't this the same picture you put up only with your birthday baskets from your aunt instead of two vases of whatever? I don't get it. Makes an interesting puzzle though. Thanks.

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