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Freya and Ash wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope for some sunbeams this year!

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Sorry I've not been around much. I'm not very well. I have a lot of pain in my legs with limited mobility and am on strong painkillers that leave me very drowsy all day. It isn't life threatening just very limiting. I'm thinking about you all, though, and spending most of my awake time running after kitties, of course!

I hope to be back some time in the new year. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!!
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Thank you - everyone has been leaving such lovely comments on my puzzles, they are lovely to read!

I'm getting better, slowly but surely. Still on the painkillers, still using crutches and still not at work. I hope to be back here, though, on a more regular basis. I have missed you all!


I am sorry you are ill and hope you get the medical treatment you need. It is very difficult to live with constant pain. I have enjoyed your comments and puzzles.


catslave we're very sorry to hear of your health issues; we've been wondering if you were OK.
We hope you'll feel better very soon.
Best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year.
Love Tisket & tisketsmum xx


Lovely to see your kitties again catslave - we have missed them. Sorry you are so unwell but hope you are able to enjoy the Christmas Season and look forward to hearing more from you when you are feeling better. All the best for the New Year :-)


Oh catslave you poor thing, I have been so worried about you and I know a lot of your jigidi friends have missed you ♥♥ Hope you are able to enjoy Christmas. Love to you, Ash Freya and Try from soo, Molly and Milly xxxx


Catslave! Lovely to see you back but sorry you've not been well. Hope you and the puss-cats will have a good Christmas and all the best to you all for the New Year from me, Ferdy and Sophie.


catslave, how wonderful to hear from you. You have Jigidi friends from all over the world concerned about your absence. I am so sorry to hear you have been in such pain. My thoughts were that your hands might be the trouble. I do wish you and the furry ones a very happy Christmas and really, really hope that all this worry ends soon for you. I am sending all best wishes your way. ☺♥☺