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Vintage Diesel Pump

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Remember these?

Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine in the late 19th century. It revolutionized engine technology by offering higher efficiency and power than gasoline engines. As diesel engines became popular in commercial vehicles and machinery, the need for efficient fueling systems led to the development of diesel fuel pumps.

Initially, diesel pumps were mechanical devices that were relatively simple and manual in operation. They were often located at dedicated service stations or industrial areas where diesel-powered machines were prevalent. Over the decades, these pumps became more sophisticated, incorporating advancements such as electric pumping mechanisms and digital fuel meters (like in Today’s puzzle choice), improving their efficiency and accuracy.

Imagine if this particular pump could speak – the tales it could tell about the (busy) people it got to meet and serve in passing ♥
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I don't know why - but I always love pics of old battered vintage things! So much life and experience in there! (❛ᴗ❛)

Great photo


I never owned an automobile that used diesel fuel. However, I know the price of gasoline and wonder if diesel is as expensive. I gave up my car last year. So, do not, have a fuel bill every month.

In the 1950's my Grandfather had a gas station outside a small town in Central Illinois. I wonder if he ever had diesel fuel. Thanks, enjoyed this puzzle.

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