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Today is my little boys 10th birthday making him and Luke the same age😺

🎈🎈He has gotten lots of hugs and kisses from his staff and from best buddy Luke besides having his favorite People Tuna for breakfast 🎉

❤️ My baby is treated as it’s his birthday every day. ❤️
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Merrie, BoBo says Thank You and sends you 🤗🤗


Dobra ❤️❤️

I am sending BoBo a very late Happy Birthday Wish...I wish him many, many more healthy birthdays with you and your family!!
Sounds like BoBo and Luke have a great 'found' family. :-)


Eva :-)


Barb, I’ve always enjoyed lasting birthdays and feel each day should be celebrated 😺
and building a family with orphaned cats is a very special celebration ❣️..There is nothing like a happy kitty story which makes a Happy Heart❤️ ..
BoBo thanks you for your birthday wish and I’m in awe how many send my boy greetings..😂😂😂 because he is sitting next to me and wants my attention 😺😺 by meowing..
Thanks Barb❣️🤗❣️


Dobra, It sounds like your Julie had a misfortune at a young age…which is called “Animal Abuse!” and people with this manner needs to spend a long while behind bars!
I would probably be tear eyed too reading BoBo’s story knowing I have a cat behaving just like him…The best part is both Julie and BoBo have the best moms who truly love them❤️❤️
I hope both Julie and BoBo will have a healthy long life and their mom treasures every moment😺
Thanks Dobra ❣️🤗❣️


Ardy, I thought it would be nice having BoBo write his appreciation note❣️
Hugs back from BoBo ❣️🤗❣️

Indeed it has been a very special journey with both Luke and BoBo because I was at home and didn’t need to leave for work..We had all day and every day to have fun together and repeating words they both caught on to and they are many including “Come” like a dog😺 Yes, I love these two and they know it😺

Hugs my friend ❣️🤗❣️



You are most welcome and I hope you’ll find many friends thru your journey here on Jigidi❣️ It can be a full time job to keep up and by that You never need to worry because it’s suppose to be fun😊
🤗🤗 Eva


Bobo , I wish you a bleated happy birthday. You are so lucky to have your special loving home after such a terrible start. Mine, too are orphans who came home to us (and some were terribly young) but we are family now and love each other every day. Hugs Eva and Bobo and family. Barb


Eva, with tears in her eyes, I read Bobo's story! That's why you have such an amazing relationship! Maybe my Julie has had a similar story? I accepted her from the shelter as a one-year-old cat. He is also afraid of the sound of cars and people - as soon as he hears them he runs away to hide (we live alone). We also have a very beautiful relationship together - one by one we would breathe! I wish you to enjoy your coexistence for many years to come! Happy birthday! :-)


Beautiful thank you, Bobo. Hugs meow friend♥♥

Hi Eva, You're bringing up Bobo has paid off very nicely. He writes a lovely caring, note. Hugs my friend♥♥



Thanks for the welcome :)


A word or two from BoBo…

Mom tells me I have to Thank each and everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday and I meowed and listened very intently when mom read your comments because my name was mentioned over and over again😺 We have a good understanding when we communicate ❣️

I is so glad you all left many kind words to me and I didn’t know people were nice besides my mom and dad..I hide when doorbell rings and come out to inspect after the people gone..A person threw me over the brick wall before I could eat and drink and only five weeks old and it scared me for life..tho I knew my mom was the best and I cried outside under a bush until she came to my rescue..

My 10 years with my mom who I love more than dad and Luke and I love them too…have made me into a gentle cat never use my claws but on my 10+ scratch posts..I love kisses and give mom many..Luke gets kisses also in our passings..My lifestyle is the best and I show it with love and kisses❣️

Thank You to Kee, Chumley and Tennessee Tux, Peps16, reflections, Patsy, Donna, Jill, AmandaUK..welcome to Jigidi❣️, Cathy, bhelen, Ed, Iris 😺, Laurie, Foxy and Charley happy anniversary ❣️, Donna, Ardy, Ruth, too fussy, like Tuna, Artola, Patti, Val, Hermione, happy birthday to your black beauty❣️, June, Robin, we are very special kitties❣️, Sharon, Bella and her son, Janet, Tharp, the very best😺, Peggy, Pete, Pal and cousin Kit Cat, Pam and Wanda❤️😺❤️

Mom says it’s ok for me to go back on duty and watch the birds on the patio and tell the pigeons off…we don’t like them at all‼️

BoBo Hugs …yes I give them too


Happy 10th Birthday, Bobo! Thank you for sharing, kossamu! Wanda


Hope handsome Bobo thoroughly enjoyed his birthday, Eva! ♥︎☺︎♥︎


Happy birthday big boy, from all of us! Peggy, Pete, Pal, and cousin Kit Cat.


People Tuna ... that's what I give our Piper too!


What a fabulous puzzle thanks dear Eva and Happy Birthday to Bobo. What a beautiful boy he is. Hugs to you. ♥♥


Bella and I and Bella's boy wish you a very happy birthday, handsome Bobo.


this cat is almost a clone of mine.........amazing how similar they are......happy day to you both....robin


Happy Birthday Bobo - many, many, more.


Happy Birthday, Bobo! MY black beauty just turned 10 as well!


Eva thank you A gorgeous photo of the Birthday Boy, Happy 10th birthday Bobo, you are a lucky puss with a loving family Hugs ♥♥♥♥


Awww, happy birthday Bobo!


Happy birthday, Bobo! You're a beautiful boy! Enjoy your tuna! :o))


Hope you have a good one Bobo; perhaps a salmon cake ...


♫ Happy birthday, dear Bobo ♫
♫ Happy birthday to you. ♫
♪ Meow ♪


He does not look a day of ver three! What a beautiful boy!
Happy Birthday, Bobo!


Happy Birthday to you, Bobo! May all your wishes come true.

Labor day is the third anniversary of Foxy and Charlie's adoption, so we are celebrating that! They send their best wishes to Bobo as well.


Sending a huge birthday smile!☺

Happy birthday, little one. I wish you many treats.


Happy Birthday, handsome Bobo! I hope your humans gave you some extra treats, today! xxoo


❤️ *´♫`*•.¸ ❤️ Happy Birthday, Bobo! ❤️ ¸.•*´♫`* ❤️


@Bobo Happy Birthday Bobo have a relaxing and fun filled day xx


Gorgeous photo of the birthday boy. Thanks Eva

Happy 10th birthday, Bobo! Enjoy all the attention and treats.

Happy Birthday Bobo

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, I wish you another ten in good health with lots of snuggles !

Happy Birthday Bobo from Kee, Chumley and Tennessee Tux

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