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Learning danish :-)

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Thanks so much Nana :-))))

I don't know much french Hanne, Peasterberg and PW :-))))


This is great! I saved it to my downloads so I can practice and use these great phrases. Thanks Sissel****


Honi soit qui mal y pense @peasterberg... you really do your best... :-))))))))


As much as I like them, I need to cut down my caloric intake. So, I guess I'm stuck with "Bonjour" and "Ou et le latrine?"


Translation: Really, PB??? It's French. If you had only eaten more toast and fries...




Vraiment, PB???


LOL Peasterberg


Parson, in spite of French Toast and French Fries, I'm not very good at French!


Thank you so much Alias, Bekka, PW, Peasterberg, Hanne, Dave, Rebecca, Kirsten and Sharon. Todays lesson is town and places in the north of Jylland :-))))))

@peasterberg Even though the letters is the same, different languages will pronounce them differently.


@RebeccaB -- I think it's a deep-seated need in most of us :-)


I had a sweet roll the other morning. I SHOULD be good at Danish.


The alphabet is almost the same, it just has squiggles, marks, and slashes that English doesn't have!

Thank you, Alias, I'll give it a try!

@peasterberg Google Translate can help you with the pronunciation.


Yes @peasterberg - then you've got to learn the Danish alphabet, it's rather different from the English.... :-))))))


Now I am an expert in Danish!


Good start; now, if I only knew how to pronounce them...


How did you know I often want to say "step in the spinach" in Danish?? :)


Jeg elsker oversættelser til engelsk. Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at lære mere dansk på denne måde. Tak, Sissel. :-))))


These are great, Sissel! I LOVE Heldig Kartoffel! And Klare ærter! Fantastic sayings and translations. Mange tak for at dele dem med os! (❛ᴗ❛)


I have a friend who is of Danish descent. Her grandmother lived with her and her parents as she was growing up and spoke only Danish, so Ardyce can still speak some. I will have to share this with her. She will enjoy it.

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