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Boring puzzle of the night: Blue & red

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35 pieces
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Back due to my own demand (and no one else's for sure). Have fun, Dave
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  1. emilym1:26
  2. Dclo1:32
  3. mariolyn1:33
  4. NewSong1:48
  5. mble1119111:48
  6. JUNKMAN1:51
  7. Robbos1:51
  8. honorsyaya2:03
  9. Roseglow2:06
  10. Jitule552:32


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I'm sorry about your bunners Merrie, that's sad. You think that it may be too late for the others if one is already in contact and showing symptoms? Did you gggooogggle anything? I think our vets do rabbits? I have been ok but I am almost ready for the season to be over. I have not been sleeping well at all. Anyway, I am glad you stopped in to say hello. I have missed chatting with you. Please let me know how you make out with your bunnies and maybe you can diagnose them with a little reading homework? It would be worth a try to help them if animal med community seems unwilling. Have to find some kind of supper. Be sure to not be a stranger, Dave

I see purple in the making How have you been, D? I've been busy with bunnies-got some at auction and some at a breeder and have been having some problems with them. (one got sick and had to be dispatched...I thought I had done it early enough to protect the others, but now a young one from my original rabbits is not eating...I am afraid I brought a disease here with the auction bunnies, even though I had them in quarrantine on the porch)
The vets around here don't do rabbits as they are considered 'pocket pets' in the class of mice, hamsters, and such, so I don't have anywhere to take him to find out what is really wrong and how to stop it. I think we may be dispatching him tonight to try (again) to protect the others. This is the really lousy part of critters--he is within about 2 weeks of being market weight, so 4 months go down the drain because of him getting sick now. Disheartening for me and sad for him.

I'll try to catch you later, D, gotta go lock up the chickens now that it is fully dark and the last hold-outs are finally in the coop. Love your boring puzzles, keep them coming!! --M

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