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Dotty Waves

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The idea to use an all black background with different coloured dots came from Judy, HeyJudeNM. Coincidentally Judy is the head of the Complaints Department in case you do not like the idea LOL. Not really, dear solvers, but if it makes Judy smile it's mission accomplished.

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  1. annefar9:21
  2. cyclopsr9:56
  3. JAT77710:32
  4. Kfgg11:20
  5. leak196911:21
  6. lizziehow11:43
  7. Cirrus12:33
  8. foxymoron12:58
  9. 99goose7313:20
  10. DATEETS13:45


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LOL - you're a hopeless case then, girl!


I think I do. ha ha


Oh, that's bad!!! I shove my list in my pocket... works for me ☺


Yes! I make a grocery list, get to the store and can't find it anywhere.
Mid 70's sounds very pleasant.


LOL - mid 70s here. That's years not temperature!

Next thing will be recalling where we left the notes!


Idk how old you are, but I definitely need notes. And I find myself telling other people to write things down. lol


Judy - I will remember!

PS Better write that down - memory at my age needs notes LOL.


ha ha Oh well, Chrissie. There's always next time. ;-)


Thanks, Deb. Happy travels! Glad you made it home - safe is good and you're as sound in the mind as anyone, girl! You made the board too - woohoo ☺


It's not in a true Australian Aboriginal style of dot painting, gag26. It's simply coloured dots I made in Photoshop. If you look at some examples of dot paintings done by Aboriginal artists you will see a marked difference.


Thanks, Joey. Yup, makes me happy and I'm fairly sure Judy will be happy when she sees it ☺


Thanks, Lucy Judy :-) In retrospect it might have been kinder to make the edge white as I did between the waves. Too late now, she cried!


That was some trip Chrissie, but I made home safe and sound, well in body anyway not sure about the mind. Lol. thanks Deb

A dot painting? as done in Australia by the Aborigenes?


All black background sounds good to me, as long as it makes Judy and you happy, thanks Foxy


Thanks to you Chrissie and to @HeyJudeNM
A fun puzzle. The worst part was trying to find the edge pieces.




A deep sea expedition perhaps? Plumbing the depths of the Black Sea?
Wherever you went, I am pleased you enjoyed the journey! Thanks, Jill ♥ ♥




Oh, my goodness! I just got back from who knows where! What a trip this was! This started out with my feeling totally bewildered and ended with a sense of satisfaction. In other words, I really enjoyed it. Thanks bunches, dear one!

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