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Braised short rib with mashed potatoes and red wine

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@Mischka - I will be contemplating the back of my eyelids at that time. *LOL*


My dear dj, all my love back to you, sweet sister. I hope you had a good Xmas, too.

Do you watch the NY ball drop for New Year's on TV? That's what I'll be doing.


I have a waterfall in my mouth. This looks sooooo yummy. Glad you had a fantastic Christmas. Love ya, dj




Hi, Bernadette! Happy Holidays!

Choose a plate, I will prepare a new hot meal for you! :::hugs:::


Oh, Fiona, this looks mouthwatering! I'm drooling on my keyboard!


It does look awfully good. But I'll help myself from the mashed potatoes and mushrooms bowls.

I was NOT vegan for Xmas dinner! In fact, I thought we were eating turkey, until my sister happened to mention it was pork (pulled, I suppose). It was so delicious! I still have a couple of bites of it left in the doggie bag, but after all these days, it'll go to the cats.

In second fact, I'm allowing myself animal meat this week. I'll go back to vegan on Jan 2. And @patsquire said that it isn't vegan recipes that are boring, it's vegans, so I won't mention it again, lol!

Happy holidays, everyone!


Oh...just too much. And I want it.

Yes please.

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