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The Real Tooth Fairy 2

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In December I went to an endodontist. On the front desk was this cute little figurine. I was told it was based on a photo of one of the original founders of the clinic, now retired, in a Halloween costume he had worn one year. The artist who created it and signed it on the bottom is Gene Simmons from the music group Kiss. Simmons is also an artist in his own right, having drawn and sketched and painted since childhood. A couple years ago he had an art show in Las Vegas.
I thought it was the cutest thing. When I went back to my regular dentist I was telling them about it and showed the pictures. His hygienist is friends with the endodontist on whom the figurine is based and said it does actually look like him, minus the tutu and wings.😊
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@Bubble You are welcome again. I like this view because it shows the tuft of white hair on the back of his little bald head. I thought this was so cute.


Another great angle - thanks Sharon. (ᐤ❣ᐤ)


Just imagine !!!


Thanks, Andie. I fell in love with this little figure. I exclaimed about it so much that I think if it ever goes missing they will come check at my house. :))


It's really so cute Sharon ,I thought a "tooth fairy" could only be a girl ,never thought it could be a man, but there you are, and this little creature is both funny and so lovable.
Thank you Sharon .Like it very much.


Thank you @Heicel I got a kick out of the shorts under the tutu and the tuft of white hair on the back of his shiny, bald head. One of the staff at my regular dentist's office is a friend of this person and she said the figurine really does look like him.


Just wonderful! This absolutely magnificent, staggering, capsizing figure looks so sweet that one almost wishes to have endodontic problems.
But then - this male fairy is retired, right.
Sigh... 🙂
Double thanks for a second pure-delight-puzzle!


Thanks for your comments. I only had my phone camera and this photo is a bit dark and blurry but I posted it because you can see his cute tuft of white curls at the back of his head and get a better view of the humorous combination of shorts covered by tutu while wearing dress shoes and socks and a pink dress shirt and tie. I love it too, Heidi. I exclaimed over it so much that if it's ever missing, I'm sure they will come looking for me.

Thank you for the back story. I learned something today, thanks again.



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