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He was a rescue off the streets of Worcester, MA ~ My sister brought him to live with her in CT & named him 'Dingo'. A couple of years later, they moved to a ranch in Wyoming for a couple more years before building the farmhouse in Idaho. One very lucky, well traveled doggie.
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He looks like a real sweetie pie!

Dingo looks content and happy. Bless all of you who care for unwanted animals.

All the cats and dogs we've had were orphans. We live in the country and we had a dog and so many cats take refuge with us that I was sure there must have been a sign that said, "Adoption Center. All are welcome!" We did welcome and love them. They have given us more than we could give them. Their love is boundless!


What a pretty old dog, looks very content!


He looks happy and content! Glad your sister found him and took care of him. Great picture of a great dog! :)


He looks like a very happy old boy. And a handsome one, at that.

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