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A Black White-Winged Dove?

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I have never, before this morning, seen a black white-winged dove. Has anyone else?
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I couldn't agree more, Kossamu. The more I try to chase them away, the more I get showing up. They even chase the other birds off of my feeders that have oranges or grape jelly on them, then just stare at it, trying to figure out what it is. They do not leave until every last kernel of seed is gone, then they gently bang into the house windows to let me know they want more. Even the collared doves aren't as aggressive as the white winged doves. I, also, look forward to their departure in the fall.


I’ve had four white winged doves at my bird feeders and are they ever aggressive..They are seasonal here in northwest Arizona by arriving in spring and leaving in fall and I’m very happy when they leave😊but I have never seen a black white winged until this post❣️ I really enjoy the regular mourning doves and I have many of them..They are very gentle and have a nice character..Thanks🌹


No, I've never seen anything like your very striking bird. Despite all the bird photos I post on jigidi, I am not a serious birder though. I wear a fitbit and try to get 10,000 steps a day, often on the Coast to Crest Trail in San Diego, California where I am a trail patrol volunteer. I live near the beach, and even the Audubon birders rarely see a white-winged dove on the trail near the coast. I've never seen even an ordinary gray one. Lucky you!


@Ginni2 Have you ever seen or heard of this?

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