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Cali with her new favorite toy

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Her Kong, and she loves it, works on it
to try & get the treats out.


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Is she still loving her kong? I bet she knows very well how to get the treats out! Great picture Pat! Cuddles for Cali, love and hugs! :))


Thanks MacIntosh for the news about Kong. Will have to look into it. This is our first
try with Kong, never even heard of it before. I bought it as she was so bored all
winter, and she really took a liking to it. Yesterday was the first day we could go
walking, as the weather was decent & a lot of the snow has melted. We both
enjoyed it, hope this keeps up. Cali send woffs to Prince Leo also. Hugs..


Hi, about Kong. There is a Pasta kong stuff'n (google); the cat/ dog will lick it. And yeesh,
they love it .

Prince Leo sends woffs to Cali xx


Pat about orchids. It is a real easy plant, there is only one thing it can't have. Wet feet. Give it water, and after half an hour, look in the pot and throw the water out. If it has wet roots, the roots will rot, than it can't drink anymore and it will die. I have somewhere between 40 and 50 orchids and the all flower regularly. ♥


Its funny because when I first bought it she got frustrated and would bring it to me to
get the treats out, and I didn't, so then she figured it out herself. Got that because she
doesn't play with any of her toys anymore, and the winter has been so long and boring,
and we can go walking, so that is working for us, and yes, I do fill it quite often.
Micky doesn't have to worry with all the toys she has, and Dad always playing with her.
Hugs to all..


Aww - she's enjoying that, bless her! I have a similar toy for my cat but maybe she's not blessed in the brains department because she can't get the hang of it!


Hi Cali, that's hard working, I hope you get them out all. ☺ And my second wish is that your mom fills it again. ☺♥☺