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I posted three other puzzles today with photos I took when Sue and I recently visited the town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Later in the day, we went to the old town area close to city center. I recently posted a puzzle similar to this that also had blue steps. The fact is, this old building appeared to be a duplex with two separate entries, both with blue steps. Sue spotted the cat on the porch and made me take this photo for a puzzle.
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IssyC. you are very welcome, Terry


Thanks for sharing Sue and Terry :)


luly, I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it. I am not really a "cat person" but Sue is. Terry


dblay, we have been in the lower twenties the last three day and it is supposed to get into the teens next week. Our outdoor cats have also been looking for those sunny spots. Terry


amosandandy, we got lucky and passed by this place when the cat happened to be there. Terry


I love this photo, I really enjoy looking at it. Thank you seagirl! :-)


Love the Cat at the top of the steps and I really like the blue steps and that door for a "second" entrance. This may be the Cat's favorite spot to sit and get some sun. :-) Great photo and puzzle. Thank you for sharing it.

Nice with the cat


DizzyDame, haven't heard from you for some. I never forget your "name." I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps they have another entry that they want folks to use. Terry

So how do people make it past those pots and up the stairs? Very welcoming!

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