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FANCY! Who me? I'm not doin' nothin'

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I caught her red handed!
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  1. like921150:12
  2. eluck0:13
  3. Ianto0:13
  4. suss0:14
  5. Tidewater0:14
  6. Robbos0:14
  7. pumpkinhead0:14
  8. morris1860:15
  9. stephen0:15
  10. snooker0:16


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Awwwww, Carol, she will be glad to know someone is on her side! :DDD
Fancy says, "thanks Payton".


Such a pretty girl.......Payton tells me he is certain she is merely cooling her little paw? ;)


My gosh Denise! He's 5 years old! Where's the time gone!
I'm sure he's a great dog, after all, he's got a great home and lucky to have you! :o))


No healer he is 5 years old now and a great dog:-)))..........Denise


Hi bentleyd, thank you. How's your puppy doing? Is he much of a puppy any more?

Hi yellowgal, thank you. She was trying her best. :o)

"Relax, oh ladies of jigidi, this is my favorite door in the house because yummy things come from there. I've been working on getting it open when no one's home, shhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . .
Good one, Jeannie!


Looking beautiful Healer:-))


LOL snooker!

Could you help me with this door handle just a bit?


Faye, yep. We were out. She wasn't happy! lOL

River road...for sure! :o)

Mimi...she is something else all right! Thanks.

Suzy. Guilty for sure. I have one more picture to post and it hasn't shown up yet. Believe me. Guilty!

Morris, I do. She's got personality plus. :o)


Gotta love 'em!!


Innocent until proven guilty.


Great picture. I love that cat! :))


The little dickens!


I was just going to check to see if we are out of milk... :)))

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