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My pretty girl, she is quite relaxed here in my chair. She loves to lounge around and take it easy, she is a very cuddly girl.
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  1. carrps8:04
  2. Knight129:29
  3. dudicat11:55
  4. Lildebbie12:43
  5. petperson13:29
  6. nanpic13:47
  7. marmuld16:22
  8. Helenann17:23
  9. gbluemink18:18
  10. Fiesta18:21


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Sweet Ginger


Thank you for the compliments on Ginger's pretty face. We rescued Ginger about 8 years ago, she was 5 months old. We noticed a lump on her neck about 4 months ago and took her to the vet. They took x-rays and took a sample from the tumor and sent it out for further testing. We met with an oncologist a week ago and he sounded encouraging after feeling the tumor/mass, he could move it around and suspected it was benign. We are meeting with a surgeon next week to have it removed. Cancer sucks. We lost another beloved dog to lymphoma about 10 years ago.

Helenann, I bought the chair at Bassett furniture. They do mostly custom work but the chair was a floor model. I copied a link to their catalog but I don't know if it is enough to help you. Maybe if you get in touch with them and show them a photo of the fabric they might still have it. The chair is old, maybe 12 or 13 years old. I hope you find the fabric!! Good luck!

Beautiful dog! But where did you get the fabric for the chair? It has lilies of the valley in it!!! They are my birth flower and I look for them everywhere. Did you buy the fabric? Did it come on the chair? I so very much want to have fabric like that to cover a setee that I want to have in my living room. Thank you for any and all help!

Wonderful dog face!!


She has such a girly face cute :)


What a sweet face.

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