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This was in a rainforest near Sequin, Washington. It was freezing cold and a lot of the area was blocked off, but very interesting.
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  1. PLG19581:36
  2. dherblady1:48
  3. rosaemma071:49
  4. Ianto2:00
  5. jyl2:01
  6. dukeycash2:03
  7. horejsdm2:15
  8. darcy102:20
  9. Gramdragon2:34
  10. fodus2:43


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I think there is nothing nicer than spending time in nature, and particularly at Thanksgiving.


Wonderful to see!


Beautiful! Rainforests are amazing! Thanks Nicepeach2 & thanks for dropping in!!


It looks beautiful that you saw this wonderful place thanks Mary, thanks and hugs to you.


Thanks, Gramdragon!

The disturbance is old fallen wood or a tree; the white ligts look like it may have been raining, or dirt on the lens


This puzzle puzzles me: what is the significance of the two white dots and what is the disturbance of the forest floor?
(I live in a forest much like the one pictured, less than 100 miles northwest of Sequim and it looks very much like this picture.)


Few of us get to be in a forest like this any more - thanks!

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