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9 pieces
70 solves
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My particular favourite, swirls of rainbow colours inside a magical orb.
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  1. gc20190:05
  2. Surreal_Heidi0:08
  3. catdon0:08
  4. irmachac20:08
  5. dobrajaneckova0:09
  6. Ianto0:09
  7. bomama0:09
  8. Juba10100:10
  9. Bididi0:11
  10. JennyG660:11


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Beautiful!!! Greetings to you Rose.


I do Bubble, and thank you.


As long as you're enjoying doing your own thing Gordon (and neighbour) don't let anything spoil it for you. πŸ‘πŸ‘


Bubble, I've gone over the years from making the leader board once in a while to the point of now never making it (unless I'm one of the first the complete a smaller puzzle. I blame that right now on my age (almost 82) and like you, lots of arthritis. I really don't mind being a lot slower, but it just annoys me seeing someone do the puzzles in which I know are just unreal times. They know who they are and what they do.


Thanks, Bubble. Very enjoyable


Gordon the fastest I've done is about 7 seconds for a 9 pce which is usually more of a fluke. At the moment I'm having a prob. with my mouse and its not working properly so am even slower and will wait until the LB is full up before I try it.

When I joined 3 years ago I was a lot faster than now, but the arthritis is catching up and making me slower.
I do like to compete and get on the LB if I can. πŸ‘€πŸ’¨


Bubble, I believe they like seeing their names at the top of the leader board. But I'm old enough to know and been at this long enough to know that these extremely fast times (no matter who posts them) are just a crock. They should know what the rest of us feel about them.


BB I've photocopied No 3 and its on the way to you. πŸ’¨

Gordon, I've asked a lot of people how they complete so fast and they never answer me.


I gotta say gc2019, I find that time on your completion of the puzzle impossible to believe unless you're using one of those cheat puzzle solvers. There, I said it.


They're all lovely, the 2nd one is my favorite and the 3rd one is the one I want to take home. FUN Bub. Thank you.


Cheers Juba, just love rainbows 🌈🌈🌈


My favorite too. Thanks Bub :-)

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