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TIM's Home Town Buffet - now open for breakfast and dinner

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I would like to announce the Grand Opening of TIM’s Home Town Buffet, a locally owned and operated kennel serving Breakfast and Dinner and Gourmet Deserts. All meals are prepared from cans and guaranteed to put a “woof” in your bark. Sample items on the menu include:

Choice Cuts Chicken
Choice Cuts Beef
Chicken Casserole in Gravy
Grilled Chicken in Sauce
Beef, Noodles and Vegetables in Sauce
Chopped Ground Dinner with Beef
Chopped Ground Dinner with Chicken
Ground Dinner Filet Mignon
Ground Dinner T-Bone Steak
Ground Dinner Top Sirloin Steak
Ground Dinner with Chicken, Beef, and Liver
Ground Dinner Bacon Cheeseburger

Children’s Menu:
Chopped Puppy Dinner with Lamb and Rice
Ground Puppy Dinner with Chicken and Beef
Puppy Lamb & Rice

Bacon Flavor Biscuits
Peanut Butter Flavor Treats
Gravy Bones Biscuits

For a limited time only, save 51.385276% off on one entrée with a validated wine glass from Joe’s Pub

(note: no cats were harmed in the making of this restaurant)
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John, if you introduce "all you can wolf down in 15 mins' competition, you will have more patrons.


lol Dawn. What will be like in 10 years? I went to the mail box twice today. The first time I brought the mail in and set it on the table An hour or two later, I decided I needed to go see if we had any mail. lol


Heck Judy. I can't find it either. Something about no people over 5'10" were qualified. I was very sleepy when I typed that comment. I might have been having a CRS moment! LOL


What height restriction? I can't find that referenced anywhere below. I'm confused. I'm confused most of the time, but especially now.


Why the height restriction?


I can still see you. Just saying.


Who's worried about grain? I'm just hopin my teeth stay in enough to get a proper chew. Less the chaw o'corse. Buffaloaf arse is always ed-able.


C'mon down Ken. We are now down to 15 dogs and there is always room for one more. But I should warn you, we only use grain-free foods, so you will have to supply your own grain. (BYOG?)

Sheb, in a couple of months my stay in Tucson will be 50 years, so there are times I enjoy Tucson (like now in the winter time) and times that I dream of moving to San Diego (summertime). The people here are generally very friendly, quick to give you a smile and a "hello" and don't fight over parking spaces. I really enjoy the people. We occasionally go to San Diego and I HATE the traffic, everything is crowded with people (and other bipeds I can not easily recognize) and I feel as if I need to wear a Kevlar vest whenever I drive around the city. After a few weeks in San Diego I'm ready to go home to the relative tranquility of Tucson.



Thanks for the offer but this old dog only eats once a day.


Thanks for visiting my little restaurant Mila. I think I should point out we have expanded our menu... we now offer unlimited pancakes to all hamsters and squirrels get a free nutshake when they hibernate in our air conditioned lounge.

Thanks for stopping in Mila!


8 there once no Bob but I know a Neal, lol TFS.


Do you enjoy living in Tucson? I lived in Phoenix for a long time - and now live in SoCA. I miss AZ a LOT! Thanks for some fun puzzles - I've bookmarked several and will do them later. Enjoy AZ while you live there - because you'll miss it if you ever leave!!! Shep


Looks like you have a large family of small happy dogs. :-)


When times were really bad for about a year this was a welcome meal.


Ha Dave!


LOL, Dave!


His experience is just from the pub to my house; I hope he is good on the highway because after he saw your puzzle, he jumped in my truck, waved "Good Bye" and took off for Arizona with the tires screaming!


Dave, Buddy is welcome anytime (I've heard he is a pretty good chauffer)


Buddy will be your best customer, and he is on his way . . . .


Oh my goodness! How do you keep them all straight?
"personality #3" LOL


Is the food invisible, too? :-)))


At least I know now where all the wine glasses went!! :))


Good luck with hiring that short order cook (Bob) - lol!
Thanks for interesting and fun puzzle. :-))

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