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themes: trees and flowers

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Royal Poinciana tree - Puerto Rico = Delonix regia is a species of flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It is noted for its fern-like leaves and flamboyant display of flowers.
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I did'nt hear from her eather...


I would like to think that we will her from her one day.

Will we ever hear from Lori again? I think about her a great deal. Nobody seems to know what has happened to her or Patrick,I think, her significant other.


Pleased you enjoyed the puzzle mila, sadly Lori Farrell who posted it has been missed by so many jigidi's. She was unwell and we know she moved to Maine in the USA, but have had no word from her since.


I would love to be able to see one in real life I have never even heard of one till doing this puzzle. I love learning about things. It is beautiful. TFS.


Is there anyone else I need to tag to Lori's Only page ? Please let me know and
I'll be glad to tag them there. All of the original tags are at the bottom of her page
with about 900 comments, if someone wants to scroll down to the bottom, and check,
be my guest.


Thank you jeri I did not realise that, know not to worry Irene and Sir Joe.


She should get it now, Clive.


Clive, I tagged bev to the puzzle. It was a private puzzle a long time ago so
maybe that's why she can't get it.


Hi, all can you please help bevpuzzler8 for me, Thank you.


If you cannot receive it bev get in touch with jeribar8 or jumble or even My OtherName.



I tried this again bev and it does show.

We did not find results for:
Check spelling or type a new query
@CJ45....the above is what I got.????????????????


great picture! tfp


Bev and Evelyn. Try this link for Lori.

Hi Lori
I've heard, down the grapevine, that you are home and getting much better each day. So happy for you. God Bless You and still on my prayer list!! Hugs. Bev. 10-11-17..12:12 p.m.
P.S. Music Man Joe keeps tabs for us. He is a wonderful person!!

Hi Lori
Hope you are on the mend.....I'm thinking about you today. It has not been easy for you and for that I am sorry, but keep on fighting and God Bless You. Bev. 7-17-17...2:17 pm.


Dearest Lori - i am missing you so much my sweet friend - i am praying for your recovery so that we can one day chat again and make each other smile xx hang in their dear Lori and god bless you each and every day ♥♥♥ @brightspark @sparklightie @spaklies

Dear Lori,
Your jigidi friends know that you are still recovering and we have not stopped praying for you.
You may get to read this one day.....soon I hope....Happy Easter and God's Blessings. Bev.
4-14-17..8:54 p.m.

My name is Beverly and I would like to let you know that Lori is away for a while due to illness.
She would be glad to see your comment , I'm certain of that. 3-25-17..10:14 pm


Agreed iris hope she will recover from her latest hospital stay. She is so warm when on jigidi, must admit I do miss her humour.


Awesome! Take Care Lori! You are missed! Friendship smiles!☺♥♥


Another stunning tree thanks Lori.


Oh, me too Lib! ...and Cecilia! :))) Great friendships here ♥ I am LOL at your posts Lib...tears.:)))


@farrell Only six months? It feels like I've known you forever my friend!


Oh sweet Joey!!! :(
And when they will be coming again?
I guess that must be so hard to live so far, there's no words for that feeling!!!
Thank you so much dear sister for let me be a part of your family!!!
I love you with all my heart!!!
~Aunt Ceci


THANK YOU CECILIA! (I didn't even know that) :))) ♥ Love you too, my sister...and "Aunt Ceci" ♥ Our little Joey leaves in the morning :( I will miss him SO much! But it has been wonderful having him here ♥


Late, but, Happy 6 months on Jigidi, Lori (@farrell)!!! I love you sister!!!


Hi Lib! ~~ another GREAT pic of you & Charles!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I agree...I love the theme this week...great pics put there!


Only God could make something this beautiful - thank you @farrell


Oh, you're lucky Lunie...they are so beautiful! ♥


we have lots of them here... some have already shed off their flowers.


Wow...thanks Bev! That's great info...I KNEW I had heard it before :) ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Thanks Pasta! Glad you liked it! :)


Lovely, farrell☺☺☺

"Poinciana" is a song to music by Nat Simon and lyrics by Buddy Bernier written in 1936. The tune is based on a Cuban folk tune "La canción del árbol" ("The song of the tree"). The poinciana tree itself, delonix regia, is a tree introduced to Cuba from Madagascar.[1] Glenn Miller performed it in the late 1930s with his civilian band and then again in 1943 using lush strings with his Army Air Force Band. Benny Carter and Bing Crosby both issued versions in 1944.[2]
It was widely popularised in the 1952 film Dreamboat and subsequently became a standard covered by artists including Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, Vic Damone, Keith Jarrett, Percy Faith, Diane Schuur, The Four Freshmen, The Manhattan Transfer and Ahmad Jamal, and which featured again in the 1995 film The Bridges of Madison County. In 1978 disco duo Paradise Express recorded a version which made the top 20 on the disco charts.

Lori....I just had to throw this into the pot....I was a year old when this song was written. :))Bev.


Hi All! :) ** Andie, thank you for trying and thank you for that link. That tree is really incredible!

**6toedcats - I'm glad you liked it! I sent Andie a link to your 'mystery' plant..(hehe) still haven't forgotten it!

** Hi Jo! I'm glad you liked it! :) "Have a great day" :)

**Het Bev!! I DO remember that 'Manhattan Transfer'...just listened & realized it was also done by Glen Miller & the Army Airforce Band (April 8th 1944) WAY before both of 'our time'! (Great video & sound though!) ♥

** Hi Jeri! I didn't know they had these in gorgeous! :)

** Hi Elizabeth..that's what I said! (hehe) :)



Royal Poinciana Tree
Delonix regia
Majestic size and fabulous color make the royal poinciana tree a classic symbol of living in South Florida.


I remember seeing these trees growing in Key West, FL.... very pretty...

Poinciana, your branches speak to me of love
Pale moon is casting shadows from above
Poinciana, somehow I feel the jungle heat
Within me, there grows a rhythmic, savage beat
Love is everywhere, it's magic perfume fills the air
To and fro you sway, my heart's in time, I've learned to care

Lori, do you remember this song? Maybe not...could be before your time?
Listen to it is beautiful. Thank you for the pic. and it is a gorgeous tree. 11-15-16..10:17 a.m.

Read more: Manhattan Transfer - Poinciana (The Song Of The Tree) Lyrics | MetroLyrics


So beautiful :) thanks for posting,Lori :)


Lovely tree and contrast!


Here is another puzzle of this tree I did some months ago :


Sorry Lori ! before asking I should have read your comment better,you did explain it was the same plant ,but for me it looked different ..
Still don't know what it is..:(((


Yes...same blooms yet? About 5' tall...she thinks it is supposed to be a 'house' plant...but put it outside & it thrived. :)))


Have Just had a look at the other plant ,are the two views views of the same plant ?Does it bloom ?


You're welcome Pam. ~ Lori

Hello Andie! I love this too...I have just learned about it ♥ Would you have any idea what kind of plant this is? (link) ??? a friend in need :)


My favourite .Gorgeous tree ! Every time people post puzzles of it I feel so sorry it doesn't grow here .So beautiful.
Thanks Lori


Have never heard of this. Beautiful. Thanks - Pam


My pleasure Irene! ♥ Great color. Thanks ~ Lori


"WOW!!" I love the vibrant colour of that tree. ♥Thanks Lori.♥

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