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Sedum in bloom....

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in the back rockery....
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  1. liertje19783:11
  2. Impie4:19
  3. babray4:23
  4. conrad4:38
  6. nanlein5:09
  7. schutkleur5:20
  8. calluna5:23
  9. leriger25:25
  10. peggy665:33


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Thanks, Nan, they sure do.:)

Thank you, GG. The plant is a groundcover and doesn't have many blooms, but they are indeed lovely! ☺

Yeah, Faye, I hadn't thought of that, but you're right! :)))

Glad that you had a safe journey. Amazing that the smoke "carries" so far! Liertje read that in Holland we're expecting "ash rains" from the wildfires in the States as well. It then has come a long way, so it will probably not get hazy, but I guess it will be similar to when we have rains of red sand (Sahara sand) if the wind blows our way!

It does a bit, Anne, but it's not prickly at all. Yes, it's a lovely colour and I love the little stamen reaching up! :)

Thank you, Pammi, They'll bloom around this time of year, but all year round the sedum is green and spreads like mad. If I'm not careful and don't regularly remove some around or IN other plants in the rockery, it will take over!☺♥☺


Very pretty indeed, Impie. To me it looks so delicate but I just read that it is quite hardy. ☺♥☺


It always "looks" so prickly but I know it's not. That's a lovely color too!


Remind me of pink star-bursting fireworks...with yet more fireworks bursting from the centres! Very pretty! :)))

Arrived safely around 5:45 p.m. yesterday (Monday). It was smoky all the way up...which means that even driving seven hours to the middle of our province that we could NOT escape the smoke from all the wildfires burning in Washington and Oregon! It is starting to clear a bit here but Vancouver can expect heavy smoke until Friday...ten days of it. :(((


They are so lovely and delicate! Thank you, Impie! ☺


to me they appear very joyful and bursting with life.


Yes, thanks, Betty!

Dank je schutkleur!! Ik heb ze maar Sedum genoemd, omdat ik niet precies weet welke versie dit is. Welke jij noemt, zou het zomaar kunnen zijn. Het is in elk geval een ontzettend snel kruipende bodembedekker die, als ik niet oppas, de hele achterste rotstuin wil overnemen. Dit is ook degene die mijn vorige Hartjesplant verstikt heeft, dus ik hou hem goed in de gaten! Ik heb van de zomer ook een heleboel tussen de Viltige Hoornbloem uitgevist!☺♥

Thanks, Nancy, yes, dainty is about the right description for these little flowers! :-))

I see, nillie. I wonder, they are very hardy perennials and don't need much watering and in the heat of the sunlight they thrive wonderful, so I imagine they could survive at your's as well. Overhere they'll only bloom this time of year!
Thanks and good night ♥♥


First time I see this plant. Probably it will not survive in the Middle East climate:-))
Lovely blooming! Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Love the star flowers! Dainty, as Betty said, and delicate. :-))


Mooi Impie!! Maar ik moest 'm eerst opzoeken. De bloemetjes deden me op het eerste gezicht denken aan Semper Vivum. Maar toen dacht ik : 'o nee, die van Impie had wittige bloemen' en de enige sedum die ik ken zijn grote planten met flinke bloem'trossen' boven in. Dan moet dit dus Sedum Spurium Fuldaglut zijn????☺♥

Such a dainty little girl!

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