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Cat shaming series

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Seems that way, Molly. And some vets help people more than others. :)

What a little sweetheart. I suppose Doctor fees vary depending on where you are-----Molly

Good stories, Watchman and PD. :)

Of course she is, Wendy. :)


Awwww, poor Margot. She is worth every penny...........Wendy


Ha! I had friends in Colorado who had a Keeshond (my breed of dog) that was histerical. If there were food items being served, she'd stay in the kitchen until the food was brought to the living room. Then she'd race to the door into the living room, then crumble onto the floor and crawl, painfully, to the guests! What a con artist.


My Aunt had a cat once that broke his leg and it was in a cast. When you were there in the house, the cat would limp around as if it was in pain. However when the cat thought it was all alone it would go to the full length mirror and tap dance with his sore leg, until you came back home, he would start limping again. ;-)



scanjockey, Heidi and I all have great vets and there must be others out there. :)


I have a great Vet. He rarely charges me anything for caring for my rescues. That includes surgery. I do have to pay minimum for Timmy's monthly epilepsy meds... just cost. And his normal charges are all reasonable.

I'm impressed, he's a good person...Sherry :)))

Have a vet also who offered free meds when one of my cats needed them. I thanked him and said I could pay. When I had to say goodbye to one of my cats he had a tear running down his cheek as he put him down. Have always appreciated him very much.


Those who can afford it pay - I used to be one of those. When I became disabled and had to quit working and live on what I have, my vet bills shrank by 75%. Same vet, same cat, same treatments, he calls it a senior discount. God love him.

Couldn't be any better than sharing a name with a sweet cat, cappy. :)

Does look a bit embarrassed, Val. :)

6tc and Carol, you both seem to agree that the cat and the vet, together, can drain the bank account. :)

A vet goes to school for years to become a doctor, as do our doctors. They deserve to be paid a good wage when finished. If a certain area can bear certain fees, then that is what it is I guess. If we didn't have insurance we wouldn't be able to afford much medical care either. :)

I guess the anatomy of a cat is a bit different, Returner. LOL


That's a pretty long bandage for a toe -- do toes start at the shoulder?



And I'm still trying to visualize how a cat dislocates a toe (I guess getting it caught in something and trying to get away too fast.) My Pebbles would become frantic if caught on something and I would have to go running to get her out of the mess before she ripped some up or down...

And yet another vet gouging story...somebody should go after the associations in both countries...this really is not fair to pet owners...there should be fairness in the practice of any medicine. And I do know that I personally helped my dentist buy a cattle farm and a yacht, kind person that I am... Sherry :)))


Margot, not to worry.......somehow, you and your beloved Vet seem to know when the bank account is drained of funds.....UNTIL, the next time? :) PS, Payton now refers to himself as the
"million dollar cat"!


Margot has got the vet's number! :)


Poor little Margot I think she is embarrassed by how much she is worth now in dollars!

I like this cat, it has the same name that I have margot jacquline. have a great evening.

Like the little pink cast. :)


Oh, Margo! Life is hard, but at least you know your Mommy loves you!

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