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  1. Dilubreuer1:03
  2. hadzi1:04
  3. Hatiwu1:24
  4. Irish671:28
  5. Sunfish1:32
  6. RSpan501:33
  7. Ckennorch1:33
  8. Bmex14401:35
  9. plmfuller1:36
  10. Dedda1:39


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I forgot to say thank you for sharing, SqrlSqrl. Cece


Wow, previous commenters, I did not know I knew so little about squirrels' habits. We get greys and reds on our deck. I give bird seeds, water and the occasional acorns that I find on the ground in the little park by our home.


Another impressive squirrel fact - they differentiate red oak vs. white oak acorns, and will eat the quicker sprouting white oak acorns and stockpile the red oak acorns, which won't germinate until spring. They will sometimes nip the embryo of white oak acorns, which stops germination, and store the altered acorn. They do this because once an acorn is sprouting its nutritional value declines quickly. The squirrel version of canning or smoking meats!

Awww SqrlSqrl...
I didn't know they purred!
A friend just told me about a squirrel who moved into her shed (she wasn't nearly as impressed as I thought she should be) He made himself quite a home, a big fluffy bed, a place to pee, a separate place to poop, food stored by category (she thinks it probably had a big screen TV)
She had seen it going back in forth prior to winter so she decided not to let him stay, but this spring she cleaned the mess in the shed and patched the hole he had been using to get in. Then she saw him bounding from the tree towards the shed and he stopped cold. Looked at where the hole used to be, looked at her...looked back/forth...back/forth... and she told him he was being evicted, she hasn't seen him since.
I would build him his own shed, but that's just me, and maybe you. :o)
They are so smart.


Thanks IM, I love them too. I never paid them much attention until 6 years ago, as I was raking the yard, a weak little orphan came walking straight towards me. I took her in and got an internet crash course on raising baby squirrels. I learned that orphans, as a last resort, will often approach humans or pets (in search of help or a quick ending?) I also didn't know they purr, which she did in my arms later that evening once she was warmed up, rehydrated, and fed. That did me in, lol, and I've been in love with squirrels ever since. The youngsters play & bounce around just like kittens, its adorable.

That is just way too much cuteness in one picture.
I love squirrels......(not in delicious way, don't get me wrong)

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